8) Intelligence or Intelligentsia?

What are we to learn from an openly atheistic movement whose leaders were complicit in and responsible for the deaths of millions of people through genocide, starvation, war and forced relocation to labor camps..?

The Bolshevik Revolution helped define the world of the 20th century. It led to the advent of the first socialistic government, which soon expanded into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). The Soviet Union aggressively spread communist ideology to Eastern Europe, China, North Korea and Southeast Asia. At the same time, it enslaved its people behind an “iron curtain” of a tightly controlled political, economic and cultural system…

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9) Education Or Indoctrination?

Rapid Changes to Earth’s Surface-earthquakes, landslides, volcanoes

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Why don’t Evolutionists factor into their calculations the rapid and frequent catastrophic events well known to have occurred throughout the earth’s history?

Because the dates derived thereby refute their belief system. That’s a quote.

The Problem: By the mid 19th century it was obvious that Earth was much older than 6000 years,

Obvious? On what dating system? It was not obvious.

It was asserted out of an anti-religious idea rejecting moral authority. As the article itself admits, the idea of an old Earth came first, followed by efforts to prove it.

After all, if the Earth were too young for there to have been time for evolution, the evolution debate would be over.

Early attempts: Initially, three lines of evidence were pursued [and failed.]

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SECTION II: The Stones Cry Out

[In 2015] the world said hello to Homo naledi, a new species of ancient human discovered in South Africa’s Rising Star cave… at least 15 individual skeletons—one of the richest hauls of hominid fossils ever uncovered.

But one significant problem clouded the excitement over the discovery: The team doesn’t know how old the fossils are…Everyone from professional paleontologists to interested members of the public raised the same question: Why hadn’t the team dated the fossils yet?

The simple answer is: Because dating fossils is really difficult.

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10) It Is Impossible For Science To Prove Anything

Forbes magazine (2017)

You’ve heard of our greatest scientific theories: the theory of evolution, the Big Bang theory, the theory of gravity.You’ve also heard of the concept of a proof, and the claims that certain pieces of evidence prove the validities of these theories. Fossils, genetic inheritance, and DNA prove the theory of evolution. The Hubble expansion of the Universe, the evolution of stars, galaxies, and heavy elements, and the existence of the cosmic microwave background prove the Big Bang theory. And falling objects, GPS clocks, planetary motion, and the deflection of starlight prove the theory of gravity.

Except that’s a complete lie… when it comes to science, proving anything is an impossibility…

All we have to guide us, from an empirical point of view, are the quantities we can measure and observe. Even at that, those quantities are only as good as the tools and equipment we use to make those observations and measurements…No matter how good our measurements and observations are, there’s a limit to how good they are.

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11) Scientific Evidence For Rapid Change

Rapid Evolution Changes Species In Real Time

“I wanted to watch evolution happen,” says Reznick, now an evolutionary biologist at the University of California, Riverside…He transplanted guppies from a site where they had to fend off cichlids, an aggressive, wide-mouthed fish, to a new site with no predators and no other guppies. Reznick also introduced cichlids to guppy sites without predators.

A century earlier, Darwin had assumed that evolution takes tens to hundreds of thousands of generations to produce new species — a plodding path so slow it is essentially invisible…

[Reznick] found that within four years — a mere six to eight generations — male guppies had significantly changed their reproductive patterns. Those transplanted from a high-predation site to a stream without predators were larger, matured later and reproduced more slowly. Where Reznick had introduced predators, the guppies adapted by maturing at an earlier age. Survival became a race to produce more babies.

“The risk of death alters the ways organisms allocate resources for survival,” Reznick says.

Researchers who once assumed evolution required millennia are documenting species adapting in mere decades, or even shorter time frames. Mosquitoes that colonized the London Underground in 1863 are now so different they can no longer mate with their above-ground relatives. Chinook salmon from Alaska to California needed just a human generation to become smaller and shorter-lived after an increase in commercial fishing in the 1920s. Adaptation is happening right under our noses, in our lifetimes.

Only time will tell whether researchers’ current arsenal of technologies is enough to untangle the complete story of human evolution.

“Only time will tell…” That is just loaded with implications. Time is defined by deterioration, not increasing complexity. Time is defined by death. And Evolution is attempting the impossible – resurrecting the dead from the remains of the living.

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12) Both Young Earth & Deep Age Are Ignorant

Both Young Earth and Deep Age skew their claims by disregarding ancient records that have been validated by the scientific method, and ignoring multiple scientific advances in understanding our world.

For example:

Flooding is one of the most common and severe hazards disrupting people’s lives and livelihoods around the world…

Using the latest high-resolution flood hazard and population maps…we estimate that 1.47 billion people globally are directly exposed to the risk of intense flooding…

Some 2.2 billion people, or 29% of the world population, live in locations that are estimated to experience some level of inundation during a 1-in-100-year flood event…

Flood risks are global…constantly evolving. There is evidence that the process of coastal urbanization is accelerating the increase of flood risk.

This study was supported by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR).

Despite the latest geological evidence for Noah’s flood as the last of a series of world-wide catastrophes as listed in Genesis chapter 1 and fleshed out in Job 38, this is categorized as apostasy by fundamentalist dispensationalists for the purely dogmatic reason that accepting it opens the door to Evolution.

Perhaps the most enduring legacy of the Scopes Trial…was that old-earth creationism was not consistent with an approach to the Bible as the divinely inspired Word of God. The outcome was two dichotomous options, Darwinian evolution and young-earth creationism…as the only theologically viable approach to the Bible…the old-earth model received a mortal wound at the Scopes Trial. The severity of the wound would be revealed nearly a half-century later…

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13) The Missing Link Is Missing

In 2016 Lee Berger, Ph.D., a paleoanthropologists, was named one of the 100 Most Influential People by Time Magazine for leading the discovery and assemblage of  Homo naledi, a previously-unknown species of extinct hominin discovered within the Dinaledi Chamber of the Rising Star cave system, Cradle of Humankind, South Africa. The find of nearly 100 remains dating back as far back as 2.8 million years ago in a cave that was used for disposal was featured in the October issue of National Geographic.

Representing at least 15 individuals with most skeletal elements repeated multiple times, this is the largest assemblage of a single species of hominins yet discovered in Africa…

The abundance of evidence from this assemblage supports our emerging understanding that the genus Homo encompassed a variety of evolutionary experiments (Antón et al., 2014), with diversity now evident for fossil Homo in each of the few intensively explored parts of Africa (Leakey et al., 2012)…H. naledi also highlights our ignorance about ancient Homo across the vast geographic span of the African continent. The tree of Homo-like hominins is far from complete: we have missed key transitional forms and lineages that [must have in order for Evolution to be true] persisted for hundreds of thousands of years.

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14) Evidence For Genus Homo Begins With Species Sapiens

Fossil evidence for the human species begins with the human species.

From The Smithsonian Institute:

From skeletons to teeth, early human fossils have been found of more than 6,000 individuals. With the rapid pace of new discoveries every year, this impressive sample means that even though some early human species are only represented by one or a few fossils, others are represented by thousands of fossils…

While people used to think that there was a single line of human species, with one evolving after the other…we now know this is not the case…

I’m confused. Isn’t the whole concept of evolution based on species evolving into new species?

And what does the Smithsonian mean about “early” human fossils if not “ancestors” of modern humans?

And why is Evolution still being presented – and accepted – as a known single line of species evolving into modern humans?

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SECTION III: The Reality Option

Like evolution, all scientific theories are a work in progress

In the 18th century, the existence of family relationships between different species was spelt out in the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus’s grouping of living things into species, genera, orders and so on, but there was no suggestion of how things got that way.

Oh that is not true.

Linnaeus, along with all naturalists of his time, subscribed to the idea that every living thing on earth had been created by God in the course of a single week.

How interesting that “Three hundred years after the great Swedish naturalist’s birth, scientists the world over are still using the system he invented to classify plants and animals” even though “there was no notion in his system of one species developing or evolving from another. That idea was still a hundred years in the future. ”

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15) Genetic Evidence Debunks Evolution

Genetic studies have determined that all humans share a common male and female ancestor, informally calling them Adam and Eve.

Male ancestry is tracked, logically, through the male-specific Y chromosome (called Y-DNA). Geneticists have isolated distinct human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroups based on sequential accumulation of mutations over time. The man with the original non-mutated DNA, informally known as Y-chromosomal Adam, is acknowledged by geneticists to be the male ancestor of all living humans.

This following genetic research on the male-only Y chromosome is based on the recognition that genetic variation is caused by mutations over time. This study provides a second scientific witness to the mitochondrial Eve study, validating the historical accuracy of the biblical account of one human / ha adam being the father of all humans today.

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