Introduction to the writer

I am a born-again believer in Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ).  I grew up in, and was a member by choice as an adult in, Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches.  I am proud to be associated with a denomination that has a heritage of prizing truth as found in scripture above prosperity, comfort, status, and even life itself.  Because I prize the truth found in scripture over denomination, I became a Gentile member of a Messianic Synagogue, supporting the regeneration of our Jewish roots. (Romans 11).

How this Study is Conducted

I do not have a theology degree.  I have a Master’s degree in Nursing and training in methods of research designed to eliminate errors. Reliability (the same source can be shown to say the same thing at different times) and validity (different sources say the same thing) are key to establishing accuracy. Investigator bias will contaminate findings. To that end, I cleared my mind of any preconceptions and started studying the Bible as if I knew nothing and could accept as true nothing except what the Bible said within the Rules of Biblical Interpretation.