Table of Contents

    • Preface: Advance Care Directives
    • Forward: Scientific Research Methodology
    • SECTION I: In What Do You Trust?
  1. Revelation Or Experience?
  2. Hyperdimensional Or Material?
  3. Deism Or Humanism?
  4. Endless Or Pointless Existence?
  5. Proven Or Pretend Time?
  6. Catastrophism Or Uniformitarianism?
  7. Reformation Or Retrogression?
  8. Intelligence Or Intelligentia?
  9. Education Or Indoctrination?
    • Section II: The Stones Cry Out
  10. It Is Impossible For Science To Prove Anything
  11. Scientific Evidence For Rapid Change
  12. Both Young Earth And Deep Age Are Ignorant
  13. The Missing Link Is Missing
  14. Evidence For Genus Homo Begins With Species Sapiens
    • SECTION III: The Reality Option
  15. Genetic Evidence Debunks Evolution
  16. The Big Bang Theory Is Just A Show
  17. Existential Theories Are Works In Progress
  18. The Enduring Mystery Of Light
  19. Quantum Physics In the Bible
  20. Statistics Supports Belief In God
  21. Provenance Proves The God Of the Bible
  22. Only An Intelligent Designer Explains Consciousness
  23. Implications of E=mc2 To Human Existence
    • SECTION IV: E=mc2 Is The Creator-Sustainer
  24. What You Do = Who You Are
  25. A Singularity Can’t Be A Trinity
  26. Hyper Dimensional Beings Described
  27. Hyper Dimensional Beings Detailed
  28. In Earth As It Is In Heaven
  29. The Father
  30. Sons Of God
  31. Likeness To Singularity Is Unity In Diversity
  32. Likeness To Singularity Is Diversity In Unity
  33. The Image Of God Is Anthropomorphic
    • SECTION V: Pride And Prejudice
  34. Lucifer Immortal Degenerate
  35. That Old Serpent
  36. Oedipus Rex
  37. The Clone Wars
  38. Let The Games Begin!
    • SECTION VI: Light And Dark
  39.  Days Of Thunder
  40. The Firmament Is A Barrier Against Destructive Forces
  41.  A Sun AND A Shield
  42. Terraforming
  43. Earth’s True Geography Is Concealed
  44.  Earth’s Spacial Relationship
    • SECTION VII: Cosmology – Fake It ‘Til You Make It
  45. To Infinity And Beyond!
  46. What Is Hubble Really Used For?
  47. Remember The Alamo?
  48. Codeword Overlord
  49. Your Slip Is Showing
  50. The Dark Side Of NASA
  51. The Space Race Is The Arms Race
  52. The Nazification Of America
    • SECTION VIII: God Trusts Humans
  53. God Is Pro-Choice
  54. As Above, So Below
  55. Truth Or Dare?
  56. Lust Kills. Love Dies.
  57. Love Conquers All.
  58. The King Is Dead! Long Live The King!
    • SECTION IX: God’s Trust For Humanity
  59. The Testament
  60. Sin Violates So Voids The Testament
  61. Forgiveness Of Sin
  62. Redemption
  63. The Science Behind Redemption From Sin
  64. A Redeemer / Champion Must Be Kin
  65. Redeemers Are Christ-Ones
  66. Redemption Without Repentance Does Not Save
  67. Repentance Changes Behavior
  68. Master Of My Domain
    •  SECTION X: Transformers! More Than Meets The Eye!
  69. Death Is A Process, Not An Event
  70. Death Allows Transformation To A New Self
  71. Life Is A Process
  72. The Soul Is Always Processing Life & Death
  73. Transforming God’s Way
  74. Eternal Life Requires Life Support Now
    • SECTION XI: The Seed Of The Woman
  75. Natality
  76. Faith In A Redeemer Once And For All Delivered
  77. The Archetypical Agnostic
  78. The Faith Of Abel
  79. Belief In Resurrection Is Evidence-Based, Not Dogma
    • SECTION XII: Timeline Of Religion
  80. Bodily Resurrection vs Immortal Soul
  81. Belief Without Facts Can’t Get You Home
  82. The Rival Gods
  83. The False Gods
  84. The Father Of Lies
  85. The Imposter Son Of God
    • SECTION XIII: The Way Of Cain
  86. The Bloody Birth Of Civilization
  87. The Stone Age
  88. The Lie Of Gods’ Empowerment
  89. The Secrets Of Gobekli Tepe
    • SECTION XIV: The Lie Of Sexual Freedom
  90. The Bonding Power Of Sex
  91. A Hyper-Sexualized Society For Mass Consumption
  92. Eat, Drink, And Be Merry, For Tomorrow We Die
  93. The Eye Of The Tiger
    • SECTION XV: Unity With False Gods Is Abomination
  94. Corrupting Humanity’s Natality
  95. Breeding Hybrids
  96. Breeding Demigods
  97. There Were Giants In The Earth In Those Days
  98. Scientific Basis Of Interspecies Hybridizing
  99. Hybrids Are WMDs Against Humanity
    • SECTION XVI: The Last World Wide Flood Obliterates The WMDs
  100. Documented Evidence Of A World Wide Flood
  101. Geological Evidence Of An Apocalyptic Flood
  102.  The Drowned World Resuscitates
  103. Herodotus’ World History
  104. The Language Of The Stars
    • SECTION XVII: Lucifer’s Occult Kingdom
  105. The First Fathers
  106. The Rival Kings
  107. Giants Resurface After The Flood
  108. Father Of Post-Flood Giants
  109. Nations Of Giants
  110. Refugees Fleeing For Survival
  111. First Nations
    • SECTION XVIII: One Nation Under Antichrist
  112. Rulers Of Darkness
  113. The Canaanite Culture
  114. The Canaanite Pandemic Spreads Abroad
  115. The Canaanite Killing Fields
  116. What’s Not Material Has To Be Energy / Spirit
  117. Fracturing A Matched Pair Releases Nuclear Destruction
  118. LGBTQUIA Spells Catastrophe
  119. The Pandemic Of Our Time
  120. In The Image Of Our Master
  121. Many People In One Body
    • SECTION XIX: The Hebrews Define Civilization
  122. Many Peoples In One Body Of Christ
  123. The Founder Of One Nation Under God
  124. Abram The Chaldean Becomes Abraham The Hebrew
  125. Jerusalem Is Ground Zero In the War Of The Worlds
  126. Abraham Is Dispatched To The War Zone
  127. Many Nationalities Reconciled In Peace
    • SECTION XX: Covenant vs Contract Nation
  128. The Role Of Melchizedek
  129. The Order Of Melchizedek
  130. The Order Of Melchizedek Detailed
  131. Melchizedek’s Role Split Between Ephraim & Judah
  132. Melchizedek’s Role Includes Bearing Curses Of  Adversaries
  133. A Cursed Melchizedek Lead The Hebrew Exodus
    • SECTION XXI: The Law Of The Kingdom Of Heaven
  134. The Law Of Moses Is International & Multicultural
  135. Melchizedek Serves A God Of War
  136. Moses The Constitutional Lawyer
  137. The Law As Defined By Moses Credentials The True Christ
    • SECTION XXII: Melchizedeks In The Running
  138. A Friend Closer Than A Brother
  139. The Hand Of The King
  140. The First Jewish Melchizedek
  141. A Kingdom Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand
  142. Treason! Treason!
  143. United We Stand
  144. There Are Many Christs / Prophesied Saviors
  145. The True Christ Proves His Claim On “It Is Written”
    • SECTION XXIII: The Winner Is…A Melchizedek Like Moses!
  146. The New Covenant Is The Old Story
  147. In The Beginning Was The Word
  148. Light And Life
  149. “The Only Begotten” Means “The Chosen Heir”
  150. I Came Not To Bring Peace, But A Sword
  151. This Means War
  152. The Curse Of The Cross
    • SECTION XXIV: Identifying With The Christ Costs Your Life
  153. How Believing In The Name Of Jesus Saves
  154. Believing In YHVH’s Savior Is Believing His Word
  155. It’s The Relationship That Saves
  156. Self Righteousness Is A Contradiction In Terms
  157. The New Birth
  158. We Must Leave The Killing Fields To Enter Eternal Life
  159. Proof Of Life Is Taking Dominion
  160. 70 x 7 Years
    • SECTION XXV: Kingdom Rule Transferred From Jewish Rulers To Jewish Apostles
  161. God’s Irrevocable Covenant With Israel
  162. The Pentacostal Assemblies Of God
  163. The Apostolic Church Of The Jews
  164. What Must I Do To Be Saved?
  165. Remember The Law Of Moses Lest I Smite You
  166. Faith Without Works Has No Life In It
  167. Saved From Damnation Is Saved From Domination
  168. I Have Loved Thee With An Everlasting Love
  169. Whom The LORD Loves He Chastens
    • SECTION XXVI: Another Melchizedek Like Moses
  170. Paul The Chosen / Messiah
  171. The Gospel According To Paul
  172. Christ Is The End Of What Law?
  173. Paul Never Identified As Christian
  174. Paul Identified As Hebrew
    • SECTION XVII: Kingdom Rule Transferred From Jewish Apostles To Hebrews
  175. One Hebrew Nation Under El
  176. The Hebrews Include Many Cultures
  177. From Which Faith To Which Faith?
  178. The First Principles Of The Oracles Of God
  179. Righteousness Is Not A Religion
  180. Divide And Conquer
  181. The Rise Of The Counterfeit Christ
    • SECTION XVIII: The Lord’s Day Is Judgment Day
  182. Church Splits
  183. The Calculating Church
  184. The Crisis Church
  185. The Cowering Church
  186. The Corrupt Church
  187. The Corpse Church
  188. The Closed Church
  189. The Cool Church
  190. The Schizophrenic Church
    • SECTION XXVIII: 70 To The Power Of 7
  191. Torah Authenticates All Subsequent Word Of God
  192. Warriors Recruited To Fight For The Homeland
  193. The Head Of The House Decides Who Is In Or Out
  194. I Will Send My Messenger To Straighten You Out
  195. Can Any Good Thing Come Out Of Islam?
  196. He Died Doing The Right Thing
    • SECTION XXIX: The Last Earthly Empire Is The Roman Empire
  197. The Last Empire Incorporates All Preceding Empires
  198. The Christian And Moslem Legs Of The Fourth Empire
  199. The “United” States – Get It? – Is the Last Empire
  200. Fourth Empire’s Monotheistic Partner Veiled From View
  201. War And Peace In The Middle East
  202. Israel In The Crosshairs Of Both Sides
  203. The King Of  The South
  204. The King Of  The North
  205. The Three Legged Race
  206. How The Nazis Won WWII
  207. England’s Fifth Column
  208. American Exceptionalism AKA Malignant Narcissism
    • SECTION XXXII: “My Kingdom Is NOT Of This World” Jesus Christ
  209. Is Your Guiding Spirit Holy Or Unholy?
  210. Great Awakenings Led By Spirits Of Slumber
  211. 1st Awakening Sets Up Revolutionary War
  212. 2nd Awakening Sets Up Civil War
  213. 3rd Awakening Sets Up Endless World War
  214. 4th Awakening Setting Up Hyperdimensional War
  215. “The Religious Right Is A Whore” Jesus Christ
    • SECTION XXXIII: Signs Of The Times
  216. 1st Sign – Many Antichrists Come As Saviors. Check
  217. Trusting The Untrustworthy Is A Trap
  218. Dispensationalists Are False Prophets
  219. Dispensationalism Tops List Of Cult Tragedies
  220. Elijah, Moses & Peter Clines
  221. The End Only Happens When Leadership Is Ready
    • SECTION XXXIV: The Seals Overture
  222. Unsealing The Book
  223. 2nd Sign – Wars & Rumors Of Wars
  224. 3rd Sign – Famine, Pestilence & Quaking Earth
  225. Seals 1-4 The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
  226. We Have Seen The Enemy
  227. American Drivers
  228. The Latest Drivers
    • SECTION XXXV: 4th Sign – Followers Of YHVH Hated
  229. God’s People Are Guaranteed A Trial By Fire
  230. Seal 5 – Increased Persecution Of Godly People
  231. Sons Of God Known By Their Work Of Redemption
  232. 5th Sign – Iniquity Abounds
  233. Promising Liberty, Enslaved To Sin
  234. 6th Sign – Religious Leaders Betray Followers
  235. Apostasy
  236. 7th Sign – The Vile King
  237. Seal 6 – The Shot Heard ‘Round The World
  238. NOT The Wrath Of The Lamb
  239. The Power Of Positive Thinking
    • SECTION XXXVI: Overture Of Trumpets Calling “Fall In!”
  240. Trumpet 1 Russia Started The Fire
  241. Trumpets 2-4 World War. So What’s New?
  242. In The Air On Land And Sea
  243. Breakthrough From The Other Side
  244. Unthinkable
  245. The Trojan War Reprised
  246. How To Recognize The True From The False Christ
    • SECTION XXXVII: Woe 1 Apollo’s Return
  247. The Imposter’s Offshoot Rises From The Grave
  248. The Monster From The Bottomless Pit Revealed
  249. The Leader Of The Aliens From Outer Space Is Lucifer
  250. Abominations Desolate / Wipe Out Of Existence
  251. Re-Hybridizing Humans With Aliens
  252. Woe 2 Biological WMDs Force A Choice
  253. Forsaking The Holy Covenant
    • SECTION XXXVIII: The Mark Of The Beast
  254. Stamping The Mark
  255. The Mark Of The True Christ
  256. The Abomination Promises Life, Delivers Death
  257. The Last Straw – Israel Sets Up The Abomination
    • SECTION XXXIX: Temple Follows Suite, Loses The Gamble
  258. Help Wanted – Just Two Humans Needed to Save Humanity
  259. The Two Witnesses Are For Judgment
  260. Tribulation Ends When The Remnant Repents
  261. Satan’s Pretrial Hearing
  262. Judgment Begins At The House Of God
  263. What The House Of God Is
    • SECTION XLI: The Last Trump Sounds “Charge!”
  264. Woe 3 – Vials Of Wrath Poured Out Upon The Ungodly
  265. Apostate Christianity Shares Faithless Israel’s Fate
  266. Eastern Alliance Crushes Western Alliance
  267. The Ten Kings Hate And Burn The Whore
    • SECTION XLII: The Daughter / Iteration Of Babylon
  268. The Original Beauty And The Beast
  269. Babylon’s Whore Religion Impregnates Every Empire
  270. America’s Imperial Religion
  271. He Cometh With Clouds
  272. The Queen Of Heaven
    • Section XLIII: The Book Of Life
  273. Blotted Out Of The Book Of Life
  274. The Book Of Works
  275. The Lake of Fire
  276. A New Heaven And A New Earth

2 thoughts on “Table of Contents

  1. This is an incredibly interesting article! I am so fascinated by the different arguments presented here – it’s almost like a real-life argument between materialism and deism, between science and faith. I’m particularly intrigued by Section IV and the idea that proving the existence of God is possible through scientific evidence. Is it possible to have a faith that is informed by science, or are the two mutually exclusive? What is your opinion on this subject?


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