4) Freedom Or Tyranny?

A purely materialistic world viewdominates modern Western culture, first articulated by the Greeks late in the history of civilization.

Until then the mystical world…was explained through…the gods…

In the second half of the fifth century B.C. the tradition of the Sophists emerged…they were worldly, liberal minded humanists…each person had his individual experiences and individual truth. Trying to define an objective reality was pointless…

Socrates… turned his back on science and cosmology and pursued ethics and logic…With his dialectic method of inquiry Socrates developed one of the core columns of Western thinking…True knowledge was something that could not be learned by listening to other people it had to be personally attained.

Plato…taught that every material object also had a transcendental aspect to it…The immortal soul was in contact with the divine prior to birth but lost this connection due to amnesia when entering the physical body… Logos…a divine ordering principle behind all things and events…[was] integrated…into his philosophy of an understandable world.

Aristotle…turned Plato’s principles of a divine order upside down…understanding of the natural world could be attained by perceiving the world with the five senses…logic, empiricism and natural science…turned out to be trend-setting for scientific research of the West

The religion of humanism was born.

Julian Huxley’s brother, the novelist Aldous, as the author of the prescient novel Brave New World(1931) portrayed both the possibilities of an ordered rationalised society based on cloning, and its defects. By 1958 when Aldous wrote “Brave New World Revisited”, he felt, “The prophecies made in 1931 are coming true much sooner than I thought they would…” Aldous Huxley’s main fear by then was brain washing and mind control: Lacking the ability to impose genetic uniformity upon embryos, the rulers of tomorrow’s over-populated and over-organized world will try to impose social and cultural uniformity upon adults and their children. To achieve this end, they will (unless prevented) make use of all the mind-manipulating techniques at their disposal and will not hesitate to reinforce these methods of non-rational persuasion by economic coercion and threats of physical violence…

Huxley tried to get population problems onto the agendas of the United Nations as well as onto those of its specialised agencies, not least UNESCO, FAO, WHO as well as supporting the UN Population Commission…He was aligned with the Rockefeller Foundation…

On leaving Unesco, Huxley continued his efforts to promote biological values. He took the position that mankind had a unique responsibility – and capacity – for further evolution….This meant that conclaves of experts – as opposed to government representatives – had both a cultural and biological importance….Huxley organised a study group “to study the problem of a possible new “ideology” appropriate to the present situation”. Huxley wanted this to be an interdisciplinary, and yet also a secret and anonymous group, linking high powered thinkers with practical activities. This was Huxley in elitist mode.

Eugenicists adopted an elitist stance of engineering a society…selective education favoured by eugenically minded psychologists was weakened by advocates of…comprehensive schooling…eugenics empowered women’s activism. Margaret Sanger in the United States provided…classic eugenic aims. As regards abortion and birth control, eugenicists gained in influence through such organisations as the International Planned Parenthood Federation…

The humanist elites have not stopped accumulating wealth through power and oppression.

We all have an idea of what a civilized society looks like. We like classical music, we go to the theatre, we play the piano, we like to read nice novels, we like to hear poetry and we take our children for walks in the countryside. We think all those things make us civilized.

But look at Reinhard Heydrich: he had a piano in his office and would play Mozart at lunchtime. Then, in the afternoon, he would organise countless deaths in the concentration camps. He would sign away the lives of millions of people with the sweep of a pen.

It’s easy to say that Hitler was a deranged lunatic assisted by a gang of criminals, and that the people of Germany were either a bit awful or they were intimidated by the Gestapo. But the truth is more nuanced, and it should force us to think about ourselves.

Not many of us would be among those brave and individual thinkers who would stand up and say, “This is wrong”.

Gradually, by continually compromising, people can end up in that position.

In 1938, when Austria was being invaded, [Franz Stengl] was a police detective in the Austrian police force. Somebody told him that the Nazis were coming in one Monday morning, so he broke into his personnel file and put in a falsified Nazi Party membership card.

Stangl forged the card; he wasn’t a member of the Nazi party.

When the Nazis occupied, they immediately went through the files of all the policemen and identified Stangl as a party member. It was a tremendous lie, but enabled him to keep his job.

Consequently, he ended up in the T-4 programme, because he was seen as a reliable person. T-4 was a euthanasia programme that aimed to kill off the physically and mentally handicapped.

Stangl then got the job of a commandant at Treblinka, which was a pure and simple death camp. He ended up being the master of death, responsible in one year for nearly a million Jewish deaths.

Think you’re safe here, in America, instead of Nazi Germany?

If you look at history as an investigative journalist instead of an unquestioning patriot, you’ll see that America took over Nazi Germany’s elitist and eugenics war agenda.

As early as 1960 US military manuals encouraged intelligence operatives to ally themselves with “smugglers” and “Black market operators” to defeat communist insurgents…the CIA did just that. Take Southeast Asia…the agency allied itself with…the Hmong in Laos, who…were trafficking opium. Or Afghansitan…in the 1980s the CIA backed the Mujahedeen against the Soviet Union….the same Mujahedeen have controlled up to one third of the opium (used to make heroin) reaching the United States.

a three-decade war pitching the CIA-backed Colombian military and allied rightist paramilitaries …involved in Colombia’s drug trade…of about 80 percent of the world’s cocaine, the base substance of crack…

By so doing, the CIA has facilitated crimes involving both human rights and drug trafficking.

The most important assassination of the 20th century

Patrice Lumumba, the first legally elected prime minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo…assassinated…1961…by American and Belgian governments…it was during the colonial period that the US acquired a strategic stake in the enormous natural wealth of the Congo, following its use of uranium from Congolese mines to manufacture the first atomic weapons…

Patrice Lumumba’s determination to achieve genuine independence and to have full control over Congo’s resources in order to…improve the living conditions of our people was perceived as a threat to western interests.


Joseph-Desiré Mobutu managed to destroy the third largest – and potentially the richest – country in Africa.

Early in his rule, Mobutu consolidated power by publicly executing political rivals…and other threats to his rule…before an audience of 50,000 spectators.

In 1968, Pierre_Mulele, Lumumba’s Minister of Education…was lured out of exile…still alive, his eyes were gouged out, his genitals were ripped off, and his limbs were amputated one by one…

Mobutu…nationalized foreign-owned firms and forced European investors out of the country…handed the management of these firms to relatives and close associates, who quickly…stole the companies’ assets…[the country] went from prosperity to bankruptcy almost overnight…

By 1977…rebels based in Angola invaded…The governments of Belgium and France deployed troops with logistical support from the United States and defeated the rebels

The infrastructure virtually collapsed…The soldiers…supported themselves by robbing the civilian population…

[Meanwhile] Mobutu…cruised on the Congo on his yacht…he erected a palace, the Palace of Versailles of the jungle. For shopping trips to Paris, he would charter a Concorde from Air France. The man who diplomats allege could pay off Zaire’s entire debt with a personal cheque has more than 20 luxury properties in the West…

Mobutu’s rule earned a reputation as one of the world’s foremost examples of Kleptocracy and Nepotism.

Mobutu led one of the most enduring dictatorships in Africa…

Mobutu was the subject of one of the most pervasive Personality cult of the twentieth century. The evening newscast opened with an image of him descending through clouds like a god…He held such titles as Father of the Nation, Messiah, Guide of the Revolution, Helmsman, Founder, Savior of the People, Supreme Combatant…

For the most part, Zaire enjoyed warm relations with the United States…Mobutu befriended several US presidents…

Zaire received nearly half the foreign aid Carter allocated to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mobutu enjoyed a very warm relationship with the Reagan Administration…Mobutu visited the White House three times, and criticism of Zaire’s human rights record by the US was effectively muted…Reagan praised the Zairian strongman as “a voice of good sense and goodwill”.

Mobutu also had a cordial relationship with…George H. W. Bush; he was the first African head of state to visit Bush at the White House.

Mobutu was befriended by televangelist Pat Robertson.

2011: The United States has found itself in a seemingly endless series of wars over the past two decadesDespite frequent opposition…the foreign policy elite operates on a consensus that routinely leads to the use of military power to solve international crises…

the notion that the United States and its allies were now free to project power to “do good” has remained intact…


A new study has found that as much as a sixth of foreign aid intended for the world’s poorest countries has flowed into bank accounts in tax havens owned by elites.

Pick a side. Fodder for the elite’s exploitation, or fall on the mercy of a Supreme Being whose treatment toward helpless humanity is legendary.

Thoughtful consideration of the available options must lead to a realization that identifying with, through shared ideology, means becoming victims of, the narcissistic elitists of this world.

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