18) Genetic Evidence That Noah & Sons Generated Nations

According to genetic studies, at one time in the past humanity experienced a “population bottlenecka sharp reduction in the size of a population due to environmental events such as…flood.”

“[M]ost Eurasian men (living outside Africa)…can be traced back to four ancestors

According to the Bible, after a world-wide flood approximately 4,500 years ago, only four men were available to repopulate the entire earth with humanity. 

  1. Noah was…perfect in his generations [his genes had not been corrupted]. And Noah begat three sons,
  2. Shem,
  3. Ham, and
  4. Japheth.” (Genesis 6:9-10)

The investigators deny the validity of the historical biblical account, which is much too recent in time for the Evolutionary model. However, the studies’

  1. internal unreliability
  2. and external invalidation by scientific knowledge

disproves their Evolutionary model and establishes the unscientific nature of their claims.

For instance, the Y-haploid study ranks the Y Haplogroups from

  • “possible time of origin” beginning at ~275,000 years ago,
  • a “possible place of origin” in Africa taking 200,000 years before emigration to a neighboring area,.
  • and tens of thousands of years again before emigration to the next nearest landmass

Can anyone take this seriously?!

Chronological development of haplogroups

Haplogroup Possible time of origin Possible place of origin Possible MRCA
A00 235,900 or 275,000 years ago Africa 235,900 years ago
BT 130,700 years ago Africa 88,000 years ago
CT 88,000 or 101-100,000 years ago Africa 68,500 years ago
E 65,200, 69,000, or 73,000 years ago East Africa or Asia 53,100 years ago
F 65,900 years ago Eurasia 48,800 years ago
G 48,500 years ago Middle East 26,200 years ago
IJ 47,200 years ago Middle East 42,900 years ago
K 47,200 years ago Asia 45,400 years ago
P 45,400 years ago Asia 31,900 years ago
J 42,900 years ago Middle East 31,600 years ago
I 42,900 years ago Europe 27,500 years ago
E-M215 (E1b1b) 42,300 years ago East Africa 34,800 years ago
E-V38 (E1b1a) 42,300 years ago East Africa 40,100 years ago
N 36,800 years ago Asia 22,100 years ago
E1b1b-M35 34,800 years ago East Africa 24,100 years ago
R 31,900 years ago Asia 28,200 years ago
J-M267 (J1) 31,600 years ago Middle East 18,500 years ago
J-M172 (J2) 31,600 years ago Middle East 27,800 years ago
R-M173 (R1) 28,200 years ago Asia 22,800 years ago
I-M253 (I1) 27,500 years ago Europe 4,600 years ago
I-M438 (I2) 27,500 years ago Europe 21,800 years ago
R-M420 (R1a) 22,800 years ago Eurasia 18,300 years ago
R-M343 (R1b) 22,800 years ago Eurasia 20,400 years ago
I2-L460 (I2a) 21,800 years ago Europe 21,100 years ago
I2a-P37 21,100 years ago Europe 18,500 years ago
E1b1b-M78 19,800 years ago Northeast Africa 13,400 years ago
I2a-M423 18,500 years ago Europe 13,500 years ago
I2a-M223 17,400 years ago Europe 12,100 years ago
N1c-M178 14,200 years ago Asia 11,900 years ago
R1a-M17 14,100 years ago Eastern Europe 8,500 years ago
R1b-M269 13,300 years ago Eastern Europe 6,400 years ago
E1b1b-V12 11,800 years ago North Africa 9,900 years ago
E-U175 (E1b1a8) 9,200 years ago East Africa 8,500 years ago
E1b1b-V13 8,100 years ago Southern Europe 4,800 years ago
E-M191 (E1b1a7) 7,400 years ago East Africa 6,400 years ago
E-U174 (E1b1a-U174) 6,400 years ago East Africa 5,300 years ago
R1b-L151 5,800 years ago Eastern Europe 4,800 years ago
R1a-Z280 5,000 years ago Eastern Europe 4,600 years ago
R1a-M458 4,700 years ago Eastern Europe 4,700 years ago

Beside the overt racism granting Europeans the highest development and survival on the evolutionary scale, the most informative element of the time chart should be glaringly obvious, and it’s not even the pervasive use of the modifier “possible”.

It is the fundamental irrationality of the Evolutionary model.

  • claiming these groups formed by continuous minimal incremental mutations over long periods of time,
    • and at the same time asserting a gap of upwards of hundreds of thousands of years during which no mutations occurred between the origination of a set of mutations and their presence in the “most recent common ancestor” / MRCA,
    • NOR any mutations during the time between the MRCA and their descendants currently living who are carrying those mutations
  • so the total span of time between each group’s genetic stability is enormous
    • while during this same time mutations were ongoing and forming other haplogroups. 

Just a couple of examples:

  • Haplogroup C possibly originated 100,000 years ago in Africa currently found – in the exact same condition but far from each other in Asia, Oceania, and North America.
    • where they were exposed to diverse environmentally exclusive gene-altering viruses and other mutagens.
  • Haplogroup D possibly originated 70,000 years ago in Africa currently found in Tibet, Nigeria, and the Middle East.
    • How did members of this group manage to live among other groups in the populous Fertile Crescent (get the pun?) for 70,000 years without other people’s genetics jumping into their gene pool?

This also highlights the elitists’ fundamental racism, despite masses of scientific evidence to the contrary.

At the turn of the century elitists used Darwin’s newly developed idea of evolution to claim that this Negroid division of the human race was not, after all, a division of the human race, but subhuman on the evolutionary scale. “Scientists” from the most highly respected universities and the prestigious Smithsonian Institute ruled that  dark-skinned peoples were on par with animals so did not qualify for “We, the People” rights.

This allowed proponents of racism – now “scientifically” supported by “evolution” as “race hygiene” to argue passionately for extermination of dark-skinned peoples as a natural part of human evolution’s highest race – blond, blue-eyed Nordic peoples. Sound familiar?

The Nazis’ 1940’s genocidal policies were rooted in Darwinism and established by American “scientists” at the turn of the century.

Further discoveries from the human genome and its expression in the population as a whole has brought about the insight that Skin Color is Not Race.

The genes which are responsible for most of the variation between human populations in complexion have been identified…About half a dozen genes of large effect can explain 90% of…variance. Some of the genes, such as SLC24A5, are so ancestrally informative that…you can ascertain ancestry in mixed populations simply by inspecting its frequency [within the population]. With that said, I recently reread an “old” paper from the ancient days before human pigmentation was elucidated with any depth, that is, 2004… Implications of correlations between skin color and genetic ancestry for biomedical research. 

A quick summary of the research: it studied three groups of people known to have a mix of ancestry to see if skin color was a reliable predictor of ancestry, i.e. does lighter skin match, or correlate, with more European ancestry and darker skin with more African? It turns out, it does not.

As you can see the correlation is relatively weak between ancestry and complexion in the Mexican and Mexican American sample. It is stronger among Puerto Ricans. And modest among the African groups...The reason is that only a small subset of genes control the variation which we use to classify people as members of a particular populationPuerto Rico is a small island, and has been subject to a lot of immigration from Spain in the 20th century. Correlation between skin color and European ancestry probably has to do with a great deal of recent admixture.

In order to align with the Evolutionary model, advances in knowledge of genetic mutations, currently available in our COVID-obsessed era, have not been applied to the human Y-chromosome haplogroups genetic analyses.

Adam is estimated to have lived roughly 236,000 years ago based on the calculation that the human Y-chromosome accumulates roughly two mutations per generation.

In reality, “Every time human DNA is passed from one generation to the next it accumulates 100–200 new mutations, according to a DNA-sequencing analysis of the Y chromosome…”

When we change the biased and outright deceptive factor of 1-2 mutations per generation to the scientifically known 100-200 mutations per generation, we arrive at the calculation of only 2,000 -4,000 years since the Most Common Ancestor. This is consistent with the time of Noah’s flood, and marks Noah, only “the seventh from Adam” who was “perfect in his generations” i.e. genetic ancestry, as carrying the original human’s created genetics.

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