86) Bestiality

Published 2019:

[P]eople having sex with animals is much, much more common than you think!…

It’s actually legal in places like Washington, D.C. (go figure), West Virginia, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Wyoming. The famed sexual researcher Alfred Kinsey estimated that eight percent of men and 3.6 percent of women engage in some sort of sexual activity with an animal, and that study was conducted back in the 1940s. The Journal of Sexual Medicinefound that about 34 percent of men in Brazil, mostly from rural homes, had sex with animals quite often…

Today, a whole sub-culture of people are engaging in sexual activities with animals and refer to themselves as “zoos.” There are internet forums whose purpose is to share their animal stories and exchange advice. One of the largest sites is BeastForum that boasts over 1.2 million registered members and more than that in unregistered members…

Bestiality events are organized on animal sex farms or bestiality brothels, and like a Nevada prostitute ranch, groups of animals are corralled for viewing and then the cowboy and cowgirls just mosey on down their happy trails.

If you are a true animal lover, we need to start talking more openly about zoophilia.

Read More: Bestiality Is Much More Widespread Than You Think [PHIL-OSOPHY] | https://wbsm.com/bestiality-is-much-more-widespread-than-you-think-phil-osophy/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

Almost any internet search engine will lead you to very graphic and disturbing material describing and promoting the sexual abuse of animals…Detailed how-to guides for the sexual abuse of animals involving a variety of species can be found on the internet, along with information on laws, animal transmitted diseases, personal advertisements, “pro-zoophile” resources, and even a model letter for an animal abuser to use to “come-out” to his/her friends and relatives. Many web sites provide links to numerous different pornographic sites that include the sexual abuse of animals. One site provided almost 200 links, and this site alone reports receiving approximately 46,000 visits per day…Many “zoophiles” or “zoosexuals,” as they refer to themselves, spend hours communicating with other abusers in internet chat rooms where…advice is given, and detailed descriptions of abusive activities are shared…

Many abusers fall into one or more of the categories below (adapted from Carol Adams, 1995):
1. Opportunistic/Experimental…the act of a curious youth or a lonely man.
2. Fixated/Primary: In this category of animal sexual abuse, animals are the primary or exclusive focus of a
human’s sexual desires. These abusers often refer to themselves as “zoophiles”… The
rationalizations used to justify their actions are the same as those used by pedophiles…
3. Domineering/Sadistic: Batterers, rapists and pornographers may force women, children, and other
vulnerable individuals to have sex with animals in order to humiliate, dominate, control, and exploit the human
and animal victims. Children who have been sexually abused may act out their abuse on animals in an attempt
to gain a sense of control. Some people may derive sexual gratification from the pain and suffering inflicted
while sexually abusing animals. This type of sadistic sexual abuser will probably injure or kill the animal.
Any type of animal sexual abuse can involve the use of force and physical violence and may result in the
intentional or unintentional death of the animal.

Cases of sexual abuse of animals include many species, both domestic and wild. Dogs and horses are the
most frequently mentioned targets.

Hani Miletski argues that the abundance of information from around the world leaves no doubt that bestiality has been an “integral part of human life” since the dawn of civilization…Cave drawings from the stone age…Paintings and carvings of human-animal sexual acts in ancient religious temples…

Bestiality was practiced in Babylonia, the ancient Empire in Mesopotamia…during the Spring Fertility Rites of Babylon, dogs and other animals were used for constant orgy for seven days and seven nights. The Book of Leviticus describes bestiality as being very widespread in the country of Canaan…

Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians both incorporated bestiality into their religious practices. Ancient Egyptians engaged in “worshipful bestiality” with the Apis bull in Memphis, Egypt, and with goats at the Temple of Mendes. Similarly, Ancient Greeks engaged in bestiality during religious celebrations and festivals…several Egyptian kings and queens had a reputation for engaging in bestiality, and Egyptian men were known to have sexual intercourse with cattle, other large domesticated animals, crocodiles, and goats…

Although bestiality was particularly widespread among the shepherds, Roman women were also known to keep snakes for sexual purposes. Bestiality flourished as a public spectacle in ancient Rome, where the rape of women (and sometimes men) by animals were used to amuse the audience at the Colosseum and Circus Maximus. Similar to Ancient Egyptian leaders, many Roman emperors and their wives were known to engage in bestiality or to enjoy watching others engage in bestiality, including Emperor Tiberius and his wife Julia, Claudius, Nero, Constantine the Great, Theodora, and Empress Irene…

Arab men believed that intercourse with animals increased virility, cured diseases, and enlarged their penises. Likewise, among the Muslims in Morocco, fathers encouraged sons to practice sexual intercourse with donkeys to make their penises grow. Some nomad tribes in Africa incorporated intercourse with cattle as a ritual of passage for young males. Adolescent males in Ibo (Nigerian tribe), for example, had to “successfully” copulate with specially selected sheep in front of a circle of elders. Among other tribes, it was custom for hunters to engage in sexual acts with freshly slain animals while they were still warm. This custom was seen among the Yoruba (tribe in Nigeri), Plains Indians, the Canadian Indian tribe of the Saulteaux, and the Crow Indians. As for the Native Americans and Eskimos, bestiality varied from tribe to tribe, but was largely socially acceptable and went unpunished among Navajo Indians, Crow Indians, Hopi Indians, Sioux, Apache, Plains Indians, the Canadian Indian tribe of the Saulteaux, as well as the Kupfer and Copper Eskimos.

The Egyptians were known to practice zoophilia. 

  • According to Pliny, Semiramis [incestuous mother/wife of Nimrod and “Mother of Harlots” who instituted what became world-wide paganism at Babylon] prostituted herself to her horse;
  • and Herodotus speaks of a goat having indecent and public communication with an Egyptian woman. Strabo and Plutarch both confirm this statement.
  • Pausanius mentions Aristodama, the mother of Aratus, as having had intercourse with a serpent,
  • Such was the case also with Olympias, the mother of Alexander, who was taught by her that in so doing she produced him as a god.
  • Venette says that there is nothing more common in Egypt than that young women have intercourse with bucks [male sheep and goats].
  • Plutarch mentions the case of a woman who submitted to a crocodile;
  • and Sonnini also states that [male] Egyptians were known to have connection with the female crocodile.
  • Vergil refers to bestiality with goats.
  • Plutarch quotes two examples of men having offspring, the one by a she-ass, the other by a mare.
  • Antique monuments representing men copulating with goats (caprae) bear striking testimony to the historian’s veracity;
  • and the Chinese are notorious for their misuse of ducks and geese.

The common degrading elements of pagan rituals can be understood through the traumatic experiences of persons who have performed in porn movies, including woman and children being gang raped by aggressive animals as well as violent humans, subjected to orgies for the sadistic pleasure of cruel tyrants, and more. For obvious reasons I am not linking to supporting documentation websites. I can, however, attest that I had a young male patient who had been admitted to the psychiatric unit for a suicide attempt. He did confide that he had unwittingly engaged in a chat room with people who presented themselves as fans of cartoon characters, but drew him into virtual sex acts as the cartoon character, leading him to despise himself and unable to face his family.

The shocking new upcoming documentary-series, Secrts of Playboy, is set to lift the lid on the dark side of the notorious brand and its founder, Hugh Hefner, including accusations of him ‘demanding orgies’at the mansion five nights a week, which became ‘protocol’.  

She also witnessed first-hand how his sexual demands would turn nasty, and admitted he ‘scared me at the end…

“He (Hefner) really did believe he owned these women. We had Playmates that overdosed, that committed suicide.”

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