61) Death Is A Process, Not An Event

Science has determined that physical death is encoded in our genes.  We know scientifically that exposure to many different substances triggers mutations in the DNA or an epigenetic process where existing genes are damaged or turned on or off.

“And the LORD God commanded the man, saying…of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” (Genesis 2:15)

This provides scientific validation of the biblical report that the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was toxic and consuming it caused physical death of the Adams. Without requiring an explicit reference to DNA, we can scientifically deduce, as accurately as any medical researcher, that telomeres began breaking off and the woman’s biological clock began ticking down until enough nuclei in the cells no longer ordered maintenance of respiration and metabolism, and the body ceased to function.

Telomeres have been compared with the plastic tips on shoelaces, because they keep chromosome ends from fraying and sticking to each other, which would destroy or scramble an organism’s genetic information.

Yet, each time a cell divides, the telomeres get shorter. When they get too short, the cell can no longer divide; it becomes inactive or “senescent” or it dies. This shortening process is associated with aging, cancer, and a higher risk of death. So telomeres also have been compared with a bomb fuse.

Physical death is minimally defined as “the cessation of the connection between our mind and our body.

the President’s Commission for the Study of Ethical Problems in Medicine and Biomedical and Behavioral Research in 1980...concluded that this approach [cessation of brain activity] to defining death sufficed in reaching a uniform definition nationwide. A multitude of reasons were presented to support this definition including: uniformity of standards in law for establishing death; consumption of a family’s fiscal resources for artificial life support; and legal establishment for equating brain death with death in order to proceed with organ donation.

Note, the determination was based on practical considerations of disconnection from oxygen and nutrients, not on scientifically determined facts of life.

Traditionally, death has been determined by the medical profession using…either a heart or lung functioning criteria for death…However, as medical technology developed…respiratory and circulatory bodily functions can now be performed artificially…

key functions of the brain such as memory, consciousness, and personality are what make us a person, and since those functions originate in the cerebral hemispheres, it is the death of those portions of the brain that count as death of the person…

each of us is essentially a mind’…The organism is the physical body, the ‘housing’ of the person…In a person the self is the mind…we are connected to, but not identical with, our organisms/bodies

A great deal of controversy has surrounded the definition of death…

As Jesus Christ so bluntly put it, “The life is more than meat.” (Luke 12:23)

It is possible to define life in terms of consciousness – the soul with its thoughts and intents.

Advances in medical science validates the ineluctable connection between the soul and physical apparatus, yet independence functioning of the soul from the body as demonstrated when death-by-drowning victims are revived.

In February 2011, a much-anticipated school trip went disastrously wrong for a group of Danish students. The dragon boat carrying the pupils across Præstø Fjord capsized, plunging the passengers into the icy water below. By the time paramedics got there two hours later, seven of the students’ hearts had stopped and they were pronounced dead at the scene. [Emphases added.]

But once the teenagers arrived at the hospital in Copenhagen, doctors made a last-ditch attempt to revive them, even though the group had been technically ‘dead’ for two hours…Six hours after the incident, all seven teenagers had come back to life.

The preservation of memories and personalities of persons revived from comas and death-declared drownings are proof that the unconscious aspect of the mind survives even when consciousness is lost.

This phenomenon is drawing extensive investigation and research as computers afford parallel modes of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

This could theoretically occur in the future by ‘uploading’ our minds onto cloud computers in a way that would allow our identities to survive even if our brain dies.

This possibility leads to functionalism—the theory of mind that ‘what makes something a thought, desire, pain (or any other type of mental state) depends…solely on its function …’The brain, then, is not what matters – what matters are certain functions the brain performs.


Science admits a lack of knowledge regarding the connection between brain activity and the end of personhood.

Electrical impulses in the brain encode protocols for behaviors.

Neroscientists have long been perplexed by how our brains encode thoughts, including memory loss and awareness, on the cellular level. Findings have revealed that groups of neurons symbolize every distinct segment of information, however, it is unknown what these groups of neurons look like or how they develop.

Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman deliriously depicts how it is possible to lose too much of one’s life force through the unconscious operations of the mind.  Uncontrolled desire, despair, dreaming, delight / delirium is most obvious in drug addiction but is equally true in any condition called a mental illness. By definition, this is any emotional, cognitive or personality disorder that prevents a person from experiencing healthy relationships essential for growth and development, and fulfillment of one’s full potential and capacity for love, joy, peace.


So we see that Death is is not so simple as a physical event with a time stamp.

It is a process that can be defined in terms of emotional and mental processes.

This is demonstrated by the French term for sexual orgasm – le petit mort – the little death.

Philosophers have suggested that this saying speaks to the “psychological loss” one undergoes after sex. The idea goes that climaxing doesn’t just trigger a physical release but a spiritual one, too…Of course, the cultural link between death and sex existed well before “la petite mort” entered the French lexicon…

Throughout history, from medieval times to the Victorian era, doctors feared that one’s life force could be “used up” by having sex.

When a person is involved in a sexual relationship…they are giving of the most intimate aspect of themselves.

And many psychopaths realize this and make use of it…When a relationship becomes sexual psychopaths understand that have the potential for complete control…

psychopaths use the tools and techniques of mind control to influence others. A sexual relationship in this situation means that…the power is with the deceiver. This makes it a situation of sexual abuse.

A psychopath will often create an intimate relationship which…makes the sexual abuse possible and the sexual abuse amplifies the effects of the psychological abuse…

Sexual psychopaths who have learned how to use sex to control and manipulate are particularly destructive.


Popular media acknowledges that immortality is a socially undesirable state of affairs.

In 2019, the quest for everlasting life is, largely, though not always, more scientific. Funded by Silicon Valley elites, researchers believe they are closer than ever to tweaking th human body so that we can finally live forever…Scientists and entrepreneurs are working on a range of techniques…There’s millions of people now who won’t see death if they choose,” said James Strole, the director of the Coalition of Radical Life Extension, an organization which brings together scientists and enthusiasts interested in “physical immortality”.

This is not a good thing. Consider what will happen when physical immortality is permanently controlled by a soul that has degenerated from socially productive mutually supportive relationships to psychopathic destructive relationships.

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