244) Unthinkable

From antiquity to the eve of the modern era, rulers of Western empires inspired hero worship by proclaiming their divine origins. In this fascinating original study, Marie Tanner presents the history of the emperor’s mythic image and its continuing influence on Western political thought. She shows that these pretensions to divinity were based on the Trojan legend and the myth of Rome as developed in Vergil’s Aeneid and that later Christian emperors expanded these claims by tracing their lineage not only to the pagan gods but also to the priest-kings of the Old Testament. Through this amalgam of heritages each successive Holy Roman emperor proclaimed that he was the last descendant of Aeneas, destined to yield the terrestrial rule of Rome to Christ and thereby inaugurate millennial peace.

By examining a wide range of literary, artistic, and historical sources plus a corpus of new illustrations, Tanner discovers remarkable chains of evidence for this process, one that culminates with the Renaissance Hapsburgs who imbued the holiest symbols of the faith with dynastic meaning as they attempted to consolidate all priestly and secular powers in their grip. On these foundations Philip II of Spain, son of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and the first monarch to rule the four known continents, created a new concept of absolute monarchy that shaped the principles of modern statecraft and determined the dominant form of government in Europe for the next two centuries.

From a biblical world view, the spirit of Aeneas was born again in successive rulers. Beginning with the Punic – the Latin name for Phoenician – Wars, Aeneas regained control not only of Troy but also Phoencian / Canaanite colonies throughout the Mediterranean.


Political stability encouraged money lending and allowed long-distance trade to boom. Sea commerce thrived as the Roman navy under Augustus largely cleared the Mediterranean of pirates. Romans purchased luxuries…from the Far East and found markets for their [products] as far away as India and China.

The investment of imperial resources in large infrastructure projects [think oil fields] that would have been unaffordable with local resources integrated the provinces and brought further economic benefits…

“There was clearly a belief among the emperors that it was their role to facilitate the economic growth of the empire.

And Asia Minor / Turkey is still crucial to transportation of goods back and forth from East to West, facilitating the growth, prosperity and dominance of Western Empire.

Operation Unthinkable

Churchill’s top secret plan to attack the Soviet Empire was scheduled for 1 July 1945. British, US, Polish and German forces were to attempt to liberate East Germany and Poland…and inflict on Stalin a crushing, short, sharp defeat…of Eastern Europe. If they did not succeed, Allied forces would be sucked into a Third World War.

During the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet lost over 25 million citizens, and the country lost a third of its national wealth….Stalin believes [like every conqueror] that…he’s got every right to take as much European territory as a prize as he can…

Winston Churchill had long worried about the limitless Soviet ambitions. Fifteen years earlier, he told the Commons…”I think we ought to recognise that the dangers which come from Russia are at the root of the failure of Disarmament in Europe [WWI leading directly to WWII]. This mighty Power, outside the family of nations, outside the concert of Christendom, proclaiming a creed destructive of all existing civilisation…possessed of unlimited manpower, and rapidly equipping itself with all the most frightful and devastating instrumentalities of modern war…

George Patton was probably the most rabidly anti-Soviet military officer. Attacking the Soviets sooner rather than later was a view advocated by Patton, and by Hitler’s replacement Admiral Karl Donitz, not to mention Allen Dulles and the OSS…

“We may have been fighting the wrong enemy all along. But while we’re here, we should go after the bastards now, ’cause we’re gonna have to fight ’em eventually. I’ll say this; the Third Army alone with very little help and with damned few casualties, could lick what is left of the Russians in six weeks. You mark my words. Don’t ever forget them . . . Someday we will have to fight them and it will take six years and cost us six million lives…Let’s not give them time to build up their supplies. If we do, then . . . we have had a victory over the Germans but we have failed in the liberation of Europe; we have lost the war!…

[But] Patton’s Third Army was ordered to halt as it reached the German border and was prevented from seizing either Berlin or Prague, moves that could have prevented Soviet domination of Eastern Europe after the war.

On May 8, 1945, as people everywhere celebrated the end of World War II, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill asked his War Cabinet to draw up a plan to invade the Soviet Union. The generals were asked to devise means to “impose upon Russia the will of the United States and the British Empire”.

The War Cabinet stated: “The Russian Army has developed a capable and experienced High Command. The army is exceedingly tough, lives and moves on a lighter scale of maintenance than any Western army, and employs bold tactics based largely on disregard for losses in attaining its objective. Equipment has improved rapidly throughout the war and is now good. Enough is known of its development to say that it is certainly not inferior to that of the great powers. The facility the Russian have shown in the development and improvement of existing weapons and equipment and in their mass production has been very striking…

The assessment, signed by the Chief of Army Staff on June 9, 1945, concluded: “It would be beyond our power to win a quick but limited success and we would be committed to a protracted war against heavy odds.”

On June 10, 1945 Churchill replied: “If the Americans withdraw to their zone and move the bulk of their forces back to the United States and to the Pacific, the Russians have the power to advance to the North Sea and Atlantic. Pray have a study made of how then we could defend our island.”

US President Harry Truman said there was no chance the Americans would offer help…to drive the Russians from Eastern Europe. With a new [British] government and new administration, it was put away in a bottom draw and forgotten. The Unthinkable file was closed.

General George S. Patton, Jr., one of America’s greatest battlefield commanders, died on December 21, 1945 in an Army hospital in Heidelberg, Germany.

Convenient timing. With a full blown conspiracy theory.

Forcing us to consider that the U.S. not only abandoned their European allies, but conspired with Russia to support their takeover of Eastern Europe.


Think about it.

America’s delayed advance across Germany allowed Russia to obtain rocket and nuclear technology from Germany.

From 1954 to 1957, Soviet rocket designer Sergei Korolëv headed development of the R-7 [rocket based on the V-2], the world’s first ICBM. Successfully flight tested in August 1957, the R-7 missile was powerful enough to launch a nuclear warhead against the United States. 


It should be obvious that the US traded Eastern Europe for American security, thereby becoming a de facto ally on the ground.

But what about the Cold War and the Space Race?

It is conceivable that the Space Race was also in fact an alliance of America and Russia, promoted as existential rivalry to maximize the angst-driven willingness of both peoples to sacrifice taxpayer funding of these extravagant government expenditures. This consideration is supported by the extravagant bombs used by both Russia and the US on “research” into space exploration. Despite full knowledge of the dangers of massive amounts of radioactive fallout being dumped into the open atmosphere, as soon as the atomic bomb was developed, 36 of them were exploded at this level of our atmosphere.

The secrecy and various disparate government explanations during a frenzied Space Race with Russia leads to the reasonable consideration that the development of bigger and bigger atomic bombs was as much the latest effort to break through the firmament to reach unto heaven as it was weapons development to win WWIII.


In 1961, the Soviet Union tested a nuclear bomb so powerful that it would have been too big to use in war…

The most powerful nuclear weapon…too big to fit inside even the largest aircraft…

[Exploded at 2.5 miles high, well below the biblical firmament / 2nd scientifically designated atmospheric layer] the bomb created a fireball five miles wide [in all directions, so reaching the lower edge of the firmament]. The fireball pulsed upwards from the force of its own shockwave. [So even more force against the firmament.] The flash could be seen from 1,000km (630 miles) away.

The bomb’s mushroom cloud soared to 64km (40 miles into the stratosphere) high, with its cap spreading outwards until it stretched nearly 100km (63 miles) from end to end…

(34 miles) from Ground Zero, all houses were completely destroyed…hundreds of miles from the blast zone, damage of all kinds – houses collapsing, roofs falling in, damage to doors, windows shattering – were reported. Radio communications were disrupted for more than an hour…

Tsar Bomba unleashed almost unbelievable energy – now widely agreed to be in the order of 57 megatons, or 57 million tons of TNT. That is more than 1,500 times that of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs combined, and 10 times more powerful than all the munitions expended during World War Two. Sensors registered the bomb’s blast wave orbiting the Earth not once, not twice, but three times.

Its explosion equalled 50 megatonnes of TNT, and ripples from its test explosion could be felt all around the world…3,300 times stronger than [the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs of 1945] the Tsar bomb…is considered the strongest sound every produced by mankind.

the [Tsar Bomba] test [in 1961]…was 20% of the size of every atmospheric test combined before it…

on November 4, 1962, the United States conducted its final atmospheric test of a thermonuclear weapon…part of a larger series of high-altitude atomic-weapons tests conducted between June and November of that year…called Operation Fishbowl...

the United States had detonated close to 300 nuclear weapons at various sites…

Starfish Prime…The 1.4 megaton bomb [necessarily weighing much less than Russia’s 57 megatons in order to be rocketed higher] —which was sent skyward via a Thor [noted for his hammer] missile, and detonated at an altitude of about 250 miles / 400 km [in the exosphere, the highest layer of the firmament] …yielded an electromagnetic pulse so large, it damaged streetlights, telephone lines and other electronic devices some 900 miles away in Hawaii…It also left a radiation belt in its wake that was so substantial, it crippled multiple American and British satellites and caught the attention of administrators at NASA, who became concerned about its potential effects on the space vehicles and astronauts then participating in programs such as Apollo.

“The sky lit up like it was noon…But the air was eerily silent. “We didn’t hear anything,” Spriggs says. “It’s outer space, meaning there is no air up there, and, therefore, no shock wave that is produced.”

the blast—a 1.4 megaton bomb,500 times as powerful as the one that fell on Hiroshima—was not subtle…

It looked as though the heavens had belched forth a new sun that…set the sky on fire…”

The Soviets exploded three similar-sized bombs just above Earth’s atmosphere three months later. All these bomb blasts combined “altered the inner Van Allen belt dramatically.”

It appears that these bombs did in fact achieve their goals of blasting a hole in the upper edge of the atmosphere at the lower edge of the firmament as the following year, the U.S., the U.K., and the U.S.S.R. signed the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, and inner space has been H-bomb free for almost 60 years.

But did this open access through the Van Allen Belts for humans to access the real outer space?

I don’t think so.

Four dimensional human beings can’t withstand hyper dimensional forces.

But hyper dimensional beings can handle lower level dimensional forces. In fact, they feed on them.

And no government, no matter how powerful in the lower dimensions, would want to be on the wrong side of the alliance made with the hyper dimensions powers pouring through the floodgates of space.

Check Russia’s history. Russia becomes an ally then betrays the ally.

As unthinkable as it seems, hyper dimensional super heroes will bring this era to a close with a reprise of the Trojan War.

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