Table of Contents

Prologue: Advance Care Directives

    • SECTION I: In What Do You Trust?
  1. Materialism Or Deism?
  2. Revelation Or Experience?
  3. Endless Or Pointless Existence?
  4. Catastrophic or Uniformitarian Geology?
  5. Confirmed Or Disproved By Physics?
  6. Humanism Or Morality?
  7. Reformation Or Retrogression?
  8. Intelligence Or Intelligentia?
  9. Education Or Indoctrination?
  10. Facts or Fiction?
    • Section II: The Stones Cry Out
  11. Scientific Evidence For Rapid Change
  12. The Missing Link Is Missing
  13. Evidence For Genus Homo Begins With Species Sapiens
  14. Genetic Evidence Debunks Evolution
    • SECTION III: The Reality Option
  15. The Big Bang Theory Is Just A Show
  16. Science Finds The Force
  17. The Enduring Mystery Of Light
  18. Quantum Physics In the Bible
  19. Statistics Supports Belief In God
  20. Provenance Proves The God Of the Bible
  21. Only An Intelligent Designer Explains Consciousness
    • SECTION IV: The Singularity Is The Creator
  22. The Three Dimensions Of E=mc
  23. Who You Are = What You Do
  24. A Singularity Can’t Be A Trinity
    • SECTION V: Hyper Dimensional Beings Described
  25. Hyper Dimensional Beings Detailed
  26. Sons Of God
  27. Likeness To Singularity Is Unity In Diversity
    • SECTION VI: In Earth As It Is In Heaven
  28. The Image Of God Is Anthropomorphic
  29. Pride And Prejudice
  30. Lucifer Immortal Degenerate
  31. That Old Serpent
    • SECTION VII: Let The Games Begin!
  32. Light And Dark
  33.  Days Of Thunder
  34. The Firmament Blocks The Chaos Beyond
  35.  Terraforming
  36. False Depictions of Earth
  37. Globe Earth. Seriously?
  38.  Earth’s Spacial Relationship
    • SECTION VIII: Cosmology – Fake It ‘Til You Make It
  39. To Infinity And Beyond!
  40. Eyes Wide Shut
  41. Remember The Alamo?
  42. Manifest Destiny
  43. Codeword Overlord
  44. England’s Fifth Column
  45. Your Slip Is Showing
    • SECTION IX: The Dark Side Of NASA
  46. The Space Race Is The Arms Race
  47. Rockets Are For Launching WMDs
  48. The Saturn Rocket Is Germany’s V2 Upgrade
  49. Breakthrough For The Other Side
  50. As Above, So Below
    • SECTION X: God Is Pro Choice
  51. God Trusts Humanity
  52. Lust Kills. Love Dies.
  53. Love Conquers All
  54. The King Is Dead! Long Live The King!
  55. Life Is A Process
  56. Death Is A Process
  57.  The Soul Is In Continuous Process Of Life Or Death
  58.  Transformers! More Than Meets The Eye!
    • SECTION XI: The Seed Of The Woman
  59. Genetics Proves Adam’s Paternity
  60. The Likeness Of God Is Unity With Diversity
  61. Natality
  62. A Champion
    • SECTION XII: God’s Testamentary Trust For Humanity
  63. The Testament
  64. Sin
  65. Forgiveness
  66. Repentance Includes Atonement
  67. Redemption
  68. The Science Behind Redemption
    • SECTION XIII: Can A Christ-One Not Be A Redeemer?
  69. Restoration
  70. Transformation
  71. Master Of My Domain
  72. Eternal Life In The Hereafter Requires Life Support Now
    • SECTION XIV: Bodily Resurrection vs Immortality Of The Soul
  73. Belief In Resurrection Is Based On Evidence
  74. Belief vs Fact
  75. Truth Or Dare?
    • SECTION XV: Faith As Old As Time
  76. The Archetype Agnostic
  77. Progressive Revelation
  78. Christianity Is Not A New Way Of Salvation
  79. How Believing On The Name Of Jesus Saves
  80. Discerning Between The Righteous And The Wicked
  81. The Faith Of Abel
    • SECTION XVI: The Way Of Cain
  82. The Bloody Birth Of Civilization
  83. The Stone Age
  84. The Clone Wars
  85. Oedipus Rex
  86. The Father Of Lies
  87. The Imposter Son Of God
  88. False Gods
    • SECTION XVII: The Old Time Religions
  89. The Rivals
  90. The Secrets Of Gobekli Tepe
  91. The Lie Of Gods’ Empowerment
    • SECTION XVIII: The Lie Of Sexual Freedom
  92. The Bonding Power Of Sex
  93. A Hyper-Sexualized Society For Mass Consumption
  94. Eat, Drink, And Be Merry, For Tomorrow We Die
  95. The Eye Of The Tiger
    • SECTION XIX: Corrupting Humanity
  96. Connecting To False Gods Breeds Abomination
  97. Breeding Hybrids
  98. Breeding Demigods
  99. There Were Giants In The Earth In Those Days
  100. Scientific Basis Of Interspecies Hybridizing
    • SECTION XX: Hybrids Are Made To Destroy Humanity
  101. In The Image Of Our Master
  102. Society’s Destructive New Sexuality
  103. Chose Life
    • SECTION XXI: The Last World-Wide Flood
  104. Documented Memories Of A World Wide Flood
  105. Geological Evidence For An Apocalyptic Flood
  106.  Young Earth Creationism Is A Fraud
    • SECTION XXII: A New World Order
  107. Out Of Africa
  108. The Language Of The Stars
  109. The Trojan War
  110. The First Fathers
  111. Universal Migration
  112. Covenant vs Contract Government
  113. The Canaanite Religion Spread Abroad
  114. The Law Of Melchizedek
  115. Melchizedek Is A Man Of War
  116. The First Jewish Melchizedek
  117. The Jews
  118. A Kingdom Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand
  119. Treason! Treason!
  120. United We Stand
    • SECTION IX: Everything New Is Old Again
  121. A Melchizedek Like Moses
  122. I Came Not To Bring Peace, But A Sword
  123. Word
  124. When I Am Weak, Then Am I Strong
  125. The New Covenant Is The Old Story
    • SECTION X: The Pentecostal Church
  126. What Must I Do To Be Saved?
  127. How Does Believing On The Name Of Jesus Save?
  128. It’s A Relationship
  129. Redemption Restores A Right Relationship
  130. Saved From Domination Is Saved From Damnation
    • SECTION XI: The Apostolic Church
  131. Another Melchizedek Like Moses
  132. Paul’s Gospel
  133. Christ Is The End Of What Law?
  134. Replacement Theologies
  135. Paul Was Not A Christian
  136. Gentile Leadership In Israel. Again.
    • SECTION XII: From Faith To Faith
  137. Sons Of Abraham
  138. Ephraim Have I Loved
  139. The Israel Of God
  140. God’s Irrevocable Covenant With Israel
    • SECTION XIII: Church Splits
  141. The Canon Of Scripture
  142. War And Peace In Asia Minor
  143. The Calculating Church
  144. The Crisis Church
  145. The Cowering Church
  146. The Corrupt Church
  147. The Corpse Church
  148. The Closed Church
  149. The Cool Church
    • SECTION IX: Age Of Empires
  150. The Days Of All Four Kingdoms
  151. When In Rome, Do As The Romans
  152. How The Nazis Won WWII
  153. The Latest And Greatest Iteration Of The Fourth Empire
  154. One Nation Under Which God?
  155. The Schizophrenic Church
    • SECTION X: Signs Of The Times
  156. First – False Messiahs Bring War, Famine, Etc.
  157. Second – Wars And Rumors Of Wars
  158. Middle East Center Of World Conflict
  159. YHVH’s Name And Followers Hated
  160. False Prophets Give The Kiss Of Death
  161. Falling Away To False Prophets
  162. More False Prophets
  163. Deserters From Battlefield Earth
    • SECTION XI: Seventy Weeks And Counting
  164. He Died Doing The Right Thing
  165. No Pain, No Gain
  166. Sealed With A Kiss
    • SECTION XII: Unsealing The Book
  167. First-Fourth Seals – The Four Horsemen
  168. Current Drivers Are American Presidents
  169. Fifth Seal – Increased Persecution Of God’s People
  170. Sixth Seal – The Shot Heard ‘Round The World
  171. The Trojan War Begins And Ends This Era
    • SECTION XIII: Trumpets Call “Fall In!”
  172. First-Fourth Trumpets – World War
  173. Trumpet Blast Five Releases Gateway To The Gods
  174. The Sea Of Hyper Dimensional Space
  175. Trumpet Blast Six Sounds Lucifer Rising
  176. Judgment Begins At The House Of God
  177. The Last Abomination That Makes Desolate (Rev 11)
  178. Two Witnesses Against Abomination
  179. Recap Of Human History (Rev 12)
  180. The Unforgivable Sin – Blasphemy (Rev 13)
  181. The Antichrist
  182. The Great Tribulation
  183. The Number Of The Beast
  184. Critical Mass Triggers The Last Trump (Rev 14)
  185. The Mark Of The True Christ
  186. The Mark Of The Beast
    • SECTION: The Day Of The LORD (Rev 15)
  187. The Vials Of Wrath (Rev 16)
  188. The Woman And The Beast (Rev 17-18)
  189. The King Leads His Troops Retaking Their Territory (Rev 19)
  190. The True Reich (Rev 20)
  191. The Great Throne Judgment
  192. The Lake Of Fire
  193. A New Heaven And A New Earth

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