SECTION IV: Let The Games Begin!

The Vedas and Sumerian Enuma Elish state that their gods came into being after the creation of the world and therefore are unable to give testimony about Creation. In the intense rivalry that has always existed between religions, this clues us in to the fundamental importance of Creation in religion.

And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on theearth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.” (Revelation 14:6-7)

This also clues us in to the origin of the false gods.

Single parenting was the only form of reproduction when God asexually reproduced himself in the angels and Adam.

Working from the base understanding that the spirit / pure energy sons of God were “spun-off” from the Creator-Singularity, we deduce that Lucifer did likewise. He split off pieces of himself to form his sons who likewise shared his attribute of manipulating pure energy.

“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer…Prepare slaughter for his children.” (Isaiah 14:12-21)

However, recall the Physics’ Law of /conservation of Energy, E1=E2, according to which energy cannot be destroyed or created, only changed from one form to another. Lucifer would have discovered, to his shock and dismay, only after he had separated himself from the infinite Singularity, that his source of energy / power became limited to the amount he had when he split.

Therefore, unlike the infinite Singularity,

  • a spirit being who procreates by spinning off a part of himself
  • invariably reduces himself.

We recognize this problem in the Greek account of Lucifer, where he is called Cronus / Time, i.e. Lord of Death. Cronus had multiple offspring, but, according to the Greek version, out of a well-founded fear of a coup – so common in monarchies – he swallowed the first five one after another right after producing them. In terms of energy conservation, he took all their energy back into himself as he discovered the second Law of Physics.

Cronus’ sixth child, however, Zeus, won a to-the-death battle with his father Cronus. This corresponds to Zeus discovering a work-around to the second Law of Physics by absorbing energy from some other source than his procreator’s share of energy to become stronger than him,  He then overpowered his father, deactivating / grounding him, and taking his place as King. The original Oedipus Rex, the classic Greek account of the son who murders his father and marries his mother to gain power. Recall its – intended – repetition in the Bible?

“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground…For thou hast said in thine heart…I will be like the most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.” (Isaiah 14:12-16

How did Zeus do it?

The Sumerian Enuma Elish provides the details.

Like the biblical account of Job and many other ancient writings, the Enuma Elish conveys its concepts in poetry. When written works are not available, poetry is easier to remember in any form, wether rhymes or rhythms as in advertising jingles, love songs, or religious liturgies. The imaginative nature of poetry should not be misconstrued as necessarily indicating that the account is purely imaginative. If the details can be validated by other sources, it can be established as factual.

A thesis statement is the sentence that states the repeated focus for an entire piece of writing.The thesis statement of an essay is usually writtn after a hook and or topic sentence of the introductory paragraph to make a point that will be supported by examples throughout the entire essay. A topic sentence, however, can be used to back up the thesis by introducing the topic of each supporting paragraph.

The Enuma Elish starts with a topic sentence that hooks our attention.

And Ea / Enki [the Serpent Dragon Lucifer] and Damkina / Earth Mother / Lady of That Which Is Below his lover dwelt in splendour.
In the chamber of destinies, the hall of designs,
Bel[Lord] cleverest of the clever, sage of the gods, was begotten.

“The cleverest of the clever” can only be Zeus, who was cleverer than his father.

Later in the Enuma Elish we find that Enki’s chamber is underground.

If you are familiar with the Old World Fairy Tales, you can recognize the adaptation of this ancient story into Hans Christian Anderson’s Thumbelina.

Let’s take a closer look…take off our rose-colored glasses, put on our spectacles, and peer really close.


Thumbelina…had a torturous existence in the original story…she is kidnapped by a large ugly toad / reptile in hopes of being married to said ugly toad’s son. Thumbelina is…horrified…seems to have no say in the matter and cries often…

the field mouse? She takes in a strange girl child, but then seems to sell her off to her old rich “friend” and isn’t concerned about her well-being or future. There is no kindness here, and with the casualness that she has towards this task, one must wonder if Thumbelina was about to be his first wife, or one of many ill-fated brides that fell into this weird relationship…

Finally, who is this witch? Does she pilfer through the land of flower people and steal seeds to sell to sell…Is anyone concerned about this? Are the flower people aware, and is this a normal thing for them?…Do they have plans to thwart this horrible woman and her seed stealing ways? It just seems like a strange plot point that isn’t really addressed.

All in all, a very creepy tale.

And inside Apsu [the chaotic condition where energy and mass can be exchanged], Marduk was created; [poetic repetition, Bel is the Sumerian title of “Lord” for the individual Marduk]

  • Inside pure Apsu [Chaos, where energy and mass are equivalent, exchangeable],
  • Marduk was born.
  • Ea / Enki his father created him,
  • Damkina his mother bore him.

And here is the thesis statement.

We tend to breeze right over “Apsu” and “father” and “mother”, but to understand this thesis statement, we have to understand Apsu / Chaos and something about Chaos Theory.

This was introduced by a weather forecaster in 1963, rocked scientists in all fields by the 1980’s, and became an accepted new scientific paradigm by 1990. At its most basic level, Chaos Theory states that we can’t accurate predict wars or weather or asteroid hits or human behavior because it is impossible to factor in all the causes and and link them directly to their effect in the natural world.

I put it to you that one major reason for this is the unseen conversion of mass to energy.

The Butterfly Effect is the most well known example of Chaos Theory. A butterfly (mass) flaps its wings (movement / energy) in Idaho which sets into play a startled bird’s (mass) movements which triggers a panic reaction in a squirrel (mass) who leaps onto a weak branch (mass) that falls down into a lake (mass) and is carried over a waterfall (mass) and down a rushing river (mass) and before you know it the small series of movements has escalated into hurricane force winds resulting in the deaths of thousands of people and property loss in billions of dollars.

Cloning is a less well known example of Chaos Theory. Can you not imagine all the angels amazed, looking at one another and going “Well, I’ll be!” when instead of the Singularity splitting off part of his E/c2 to make mass, he used mass to make more mass from:

“the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman.” (Genesis 2:22)

This is cloning, a technique used to make exact genetic copies of living things.

Enki / Lucifer knew that the critical difference between hyper dimensional immortal spirit beings and theprototype immortal human Adam is – what else – mass. Although Lucifer sneered at this “mud” person, he came to understand how that made Adam a new and improved version of himself.

Adam was able to replicate, not like Enki / Cronus by losing himself in the process, but by taking advantage of earth’s energy. What had been converted into mass at creation was stored, exchanged, and converted back again to energy only by things with mass.

Enki / Lucifer figured out how to convert a very small amount of his energy into one nucleus loaded with a full genome, and implant just that into the necessary growth medium with the mass-produced sources (that’s a pun) of energy to develop his tiny bit of energy into a monster using mass converting to energy.

To make a clone, scientists transfer the [full amount] DNA from an animal’s somatic [body] cell into an egg cell that has had its nucleus and [1/2 amount] DNA removed. The egg [now fully functional as if a sperm cell had delivered the other half of the DNA needed for a complete being] develops into an embryo that…is implanted into an adult female’s uterus to grow.

The female doesn’t have to be the same species as the donor DNA.

Damkina and all earth / human women like her were surrogate mothers who provided an egg without its human nucleus, a womb designed to nurture an embryo into a complete being capable of independence at birth with and food / energy from her body.

In the process of gestating a hyper dimensional pure energy being, Damkina’s own body was converted / sacrificed for Enki’s cause. Think of it like ovarian cancer.

Or insects who do this in our world, but nobody portrays it better than Ridley Scott in his movie ALIEN.

Proud was his form, piercing his stare, Mature his emergence, he was powerful from the start…
He made him so perfect that his godhead was doubled.
Elevated far above them, he was superior in every way.
His limbs were ingeniously made beyond comprehension.
Impossible to understand, too difficult to perceive.
Four were his eyes, four were his ears;
When his lips moved, fire blazed forth.
The four ears were enormous
And likewise the eyes; they perceived everything.

Highest among the gods, his form was outstanding.
His limbs were very long, his height (?) outstanding.

(Anu [true Creator God] cried out)
‘Mari-utu, Mari-utu, Son, majesty, majesty of the gods!’
Clothed in the radiant mantle of ten gods, worn high above his head
Five fearsome rays were clustered above him.


Glazed brick relief of mushushu dragon from neo-Babylonian period

I have searched to find the Sumerian meaning of “Mari-utu” and the best I can come up with is “My son, the new thing.”

That totally fits the Serpent’s competition against the new immortal human son of God. This also ties in to the origin of the name “Marduk”, which was pronounced “Maru-tuk” and appears to derive from amar-Utu one translation of which is “immortal son Utu.”

a51081026ca804b38211bc8a1b19951c-george-santayana-history-quotesThis is not some pointless esoteric argument about ancient mythology. If you will stay with this through to the end it will provide foundational understanding of the end of the world players and events.

  1. “And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads…And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations…
  2. And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragonAnd he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.” (Revelation 13)

Ancient history lays the groundwork to understand that

  • the biblical Seed of the Serpent Adversary (AKA Satan) to the Seed of the (Human) Woman is 
  • the more familiar Greek Zeus who is
  • the the virtually unknown Sumerian Marduk  / Utu.

The clues provided in the beginning are often overlooked, always unintelligible, but as the persistent investigator adds pieces of new information they confirm the identity of the perpetrator. One reason Death In Paradise became a decades-long hit TV series is by applying this classic process to every episode.

Reviewing the Seed of the Serpent / Satan in his Greek incarnation as Zeus can help us start from a more familiar point of view, before backing up to his original incarnation as the Sumerian Utu whose worship spread throughout the world.

The following chart gives a broad overview of Hesiod’s theogony, or origins of the gods. Do not try to make sense of it all. The difference between the straight and dotted lines is not important for our limited review.

For starters, notice that the Greek philosophical mindset was recapitulated in Evolution. They both attribute the universe to have coalesced out of a void, i.e. nothing, into the known physical and non-physical aspects known to exist – earth, water, darkness vs light, death vs sleep, etc. Not scientific at all. There is an interesting attribution of non-material drives as created states, which as forces / energy merits consideration, but is a sideline that will not be addressed here.


A biblical perspective of the genealogy above shows that, consistent with Genesis 1:1-2, mass (earth) and finite forces (heaven with wind) came into being first, then Uranus / Anu / Ani / YHVH single-parented the first generation of gods / angels, the Titans (highlighted in green).

  1. The first generation of personified Greek gods are Uranus / Ani / Singularity Energy, and Gaia / Earth / Mass. Gaia / Mass can be loosely characterized as the “wife” of Uranus with whom he generated offspring in terms of E=mc2. However, if this applies, it applies only to humans, not hyper dimensional gods spun off the Creator. The competition is showing.
  2. The second generation of Greek gods consists of 18 hyper dimensional beings who Uranus / Ani hated and “hid” in the earth. From a biblical perspective, these are rebel, fallen angels who were, at some point, imprisoned in the earth. No doubt there were far more than just 18, reported as 200 by Enoch, but interestingly, Enoch reports 20 leaders, in the ballpark of 18.
    • 3 Hecatoncheires / Hundred hands: giant powerful brothers. If you’ve read Ezekiel, you know that there are some strange manifestations of powerful hyper dimensional beings beyond the cherubim.
    • 3 Cyclops: one eyed giants. The existence and involvement of these beings in fighting may be supported by the biblical account that prior to the Flood, “there were giants in the earth in those days” (Genesis 6:4). This consideration doesn’t discount its application to the demigods as well.
    •  12 Titans altogether – 6 male and 6 female. In reality only humanity was split into males and females and only after the fall. The spirit / pure energy sons of the Creator are, like “him”, hermaphrodites. Knowledge of the truth was corrupted both deliberately for control by the elite and through ignorance by the masses.
      • 4 sets of brothers and sisters married each other. This is consistent with the early days of human genealogy when there weren’t many choices available. From an energy perspective, this can be viewed as hermaphroditic partnering to contribute, instead of sex gametes, enough energy to form a distinct individual, without losing too much of their own substance in the process. Notice they don’t produce many offspring in this way, and the power of each successive generation would weaken. One married a half-sister of his rank, but another married a niece, which being the next generation down would have produced a poor specimen of offspring. What in human terms would be considered genetic defects with physical and mental deficits. The two remaining Titan sisters, Themis and Mnemosyne, became wives of their nephew Zeus. In his case, he literally married “up”, given the habits of the time undoubtedly by force, strengthening his offspring by the contribution of the higher generation’s level of energy/power.
    • “Kronos (Cronus), the wily, youngest and most terrible…hated his lusty sire…””from his ambush stretched forth his left hand and in his right took the great long sickle with jagged teeth, and swiftly lopped off his own father’s members and cast them away to from the immortal flesh, and in it there grew a maiden…Aphrodite / Venus. This is just trash talk by Cronus, his rebel son, but the part about having arisen from single parent God is consistent with other sources, certainly did try to castrate the Father of mankind by causing the death of the Adams. Cronus’s name / attribute of Time indisputably links him to Serpent who brought Death to humans through Eve. It’s likely that Cronus believed Ani’s source of energy was also limited and he couldn’t recreate them. On another note, logically, Cronus’ son Zeus could only have been gestated by a human woman after the fall. 
  3. The third generation of full divinities are the Titan’s offspring by pairing with one another. Consistent with logical deduction, they are reported to be inferior in attributes and power to their parents. Strategies to conserve and increase inherent hyper dimensional power with earth power apparently has its limits. One limitation is undoubtedly the major reduction in vitality / life power allowed to humans as a result of the gods plundering this source of energy. Prior to the Flood humans lived almost 1,000 years. Afterwards, less than 10% of that.
    • Hesiod reports that the pairing of Oceanus and Tethys produced 3,000 river gods, and 3,000 Oceanid nymphs. On the other hand, Coeus and Phoebe produced only two offspring, both of whom Zeus selected to produce offspring for him, so clearly valued stock: Leto produced Apollo, Zeus’ key offspring, and Asteria who managed to elude Zeus’ harem to produce Hecate, a powerful goddess of witchcraft through union with another god. 
    • “Hera without union with Zeus…bare famous Hephaestus, who is skilled in crafts more than all the sons of Heaven.” Hesiod Theogony 924ff
    • Atlas, who had many daughters children, mostly daughters, the Hesperides, the Hyades, and the Pleiades which may explain his weakness when fighting Zeus and his followers in the Titanomachy. Following Zeus’ success, Atlas was condemned to hold up the sky for eternity. A play on the firmament of heaven, possibly formed by God’s energy beings.
    • Menoetius, killed by Zeus
    • Prometheus, famous for stealing the gods’, i.e. sacred, fire  to share with mankind. Zeus sentenced him to eternal punishment.
    • athenazeusbirthZeus himself gave birth from his own head to bright-eyed Tritogeneia [Athena], the awful, the strife-stirring, the host-leader, the unwearying, the queen, who delights in tumults and wars and battles.”
    • Zeus carried the fetus of Dionysus in his thigh until he was born.

“Zeus had a total of 92 children by some counts41 were divine and 51 were mortal…” 

Is anyone catching where Zeus got the resources to procreate on his own? Transferred from the other hyper dimensional beings Atlas, Menoetius, Prometheus, and many others not listed.

In a culture where the Father totally controlled life and death over his children, Zeus was called the “Father of the Gods” for good reason. This could only have happened by plundering energy sources from other hyper dimensional beings even more so than from humans.

And that is why the pagan gods, the fallen angels, the aliens, whatever you want to call them, are doomed. Interminable infighting, self-destruction of their own kind, resulting chaos and entropy sucks them down into a black hole of their own making.

Hesiod uses the expression “the former gods” (theoi proteroi) in reference to the Titans. They were the banished gods, who were no longer part of the upper world…the antithesis of, and in opposition to, the Olympians, the gods of the heavens. Hesiod called the Titans “earth-born” (chthonic)…”who dwell beneath the earth”…

They were…not, apparently, as was once thought, the old gods of an indigenous group in Greece…Rather, they were a group of gods…from the Near East…imported gods…The Titans were the previous generation, and family of gods, whom the Olympians had to overthrow, and banish from the upper world, in order to become the ruling pantheon of Greek gods.

And that brings us back to Utu. The old god from the near east who took his father’s power and locked him in Tartarus.

Utu was worshipped from the very earliest human times.

Do you instantly understand why? Fear! Any god powerful enough to do what he did to this own father, the most powerful god they knew, and to many other gods memorialized by eternal tortures, would squash you like a bug. If you were lucky. Otherwise torture you for eternity.

The oldest documents naming him date to around 3500 BC, or 500 years after creation and before the biblical flood of Noah. These are in Sumerian. This is not to presume that Sumerian was the first writing system, but like, or being, “the learning and the tongue of the Chaldeans” (Daniel 1:5), was developed as a secret code. To this day gnostic priests like the Freemasons use secrecy to secure a knowledge base of power.


Worship of Utu by that name lasted for well over 3,000 years, until the end of post-flood Mesopotamian culture.

Utu was believed to emerge from the doors of Heaven every day at dawn and ride across the sky in his chariot before returning to the “interior of heaven” through a set of doors in the far west every evening

He is the original Sky God. Just like Zeus hundreds of years later, he held the power of lightning, storms, air, wind, clouds.

In the image below two gods are holding the doors open for him. Note also how he is depicted with a weapon in his hand and his foot on the earth, a stance of conquering, in blatant defiance of God’s human ruler.


I have pursued mine enemies, and destroyed them…yea, they are fallen under my feet…them that rose up against me hast thou subdued under me.” (II Samuel 21:33-40)

“Thou (God) has put all things in subjection under his [human son’s] feet.” (Hebrews 2:8)

Mari-utu, amar-Utu, Maru-tuk resolves to Marduk at Babylon under Nimrod. In a move that more than anything else demonstrates that he is Anti / Against God’s Promised Savior / Christ, he took on the power and prerogatives of Enlil / Adam, crushing the worship of YHVH led by his Priest-King of Righteousness / Melchi-zedek.

As should be expected of the individual who can single-handedly outwit all the intelligence services of the world combined, “Marduk is one of the most complex gods in ancient Mesopotamia. His origins and original functions are obscure.”

As nations migrated from the Cradle of Civilization, his name was naturally translated into the different languages that developed, but his identifying characteristics as the sun god remained the same in all the cultures. This provides strong validation of a once common culture – one nation under one god.

Called Shamash in the Akkadian language of Sargon’s Assyrian Empire, he is typically portrayed with signature rays of light around the head and on the hat, and the sun disk. Just file away for now the observation that the image of the sun god Shamash below is a giant.



The solar disc, represents the primary aspect of the Promised Savior, the Sun of Righteousness, arising with healing on his wings. The false savior appropriates the attributes, known since the most ancient times – not just the first century AD – that In the beginning was the Word…In him was life; and the life was the light [Singularity, source of all forces] of men.” (John 1:1-4)

“Archeologists have found carved winged suns  in ancient stones, making this symbol one of the first recorded in human history.” This symbol is found up to the present, and is worth taking the time to explore.

The winged sun is a solar symbol associated with divinity, royalty, and power in the Ancient Near East (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Anatolia / modern Turkey, and Persia)…


In early Egyptian religion, the symbol Behdety [sun symbol with the addition of snakes flanking the sun] represented Horus…As time passed (according to interpretation) all of the subordinated gods of Egypt were considered to be aspects of the sun god…

His image was first found…about 3000 BC.

Horus or Heru, Hor, Har in Ancient Egyptian, is one of the most significant ancient Egyptian deities who served many functions, most notably god of kingship and the sky…Different forms of Horus are recorded in history…These various forms may possibly be different manifestations of the same multi-layered deity… complementary to one another, consistent with how the Ancient Egyptians viewed the multiple facets of reality…

Claudius Aelianus wrote that Egyptians called the [Roman] god Apollo “Horus” in their own language

From roughly 2000 BCE, the symbol also appears…with Assyrian rulers and in Hieroglyphic Anatolian as a symbol for royalty, transcribed into Latin as SOL SUUS (literally, “his own self, the Sun”, i.e. “His Majesty”)…

From around the 8th century BC, the winged solar disk appears on Hebrew seals connected to the royal house of the Kingdom of Judah. Many of these are seals and jar handles from Hezekiah‘s reign…

To the northeast, (colder so more clothes) Istanu is the Hittite Sun god of yazsgod1364856519180Heaven who rode across the heavens and was the patron deity of judges / arbiters of life and death, He was the foremost oath god in interstate covenants as well as the god of law and truth, identified on the royal seals by the winged solar disc.

Moving further north into Europe the Celtic sun god is belenuscalled Belenus,“The Shining One”, as a descriptive surname given to the Celtic Apollo. His festival is Beltine (Fire of Bel), modern Sabbat of Beltane celebrated in earnest by Wiccans on May 1 and apparently ignorantly by most others during May Day festivities, in the same way December 25 is celebrated by Christians as the birth of the sun god.

4684713252_8ba774d107_bMoving east to Persia (modern Iran), in ancient times we find evidence of the true Creator God.

Mithra is the Lord of Heavenly Light.  He is the Light, not the Sun; the Sun is his physical vehicle…Mithra is ever awake and on the watch.  He has a thousand ears and ten thousand eyes. With these he watches over all creatures, hearing all, seeing all. None can deceive him.  Hence…he is invoked whenever oaths are taken.  He guarantees all contracts and promises and punishes all who violate their bond or break their plighted word.”

He is the guardian of the primordial Waters of outer space. Over time, the worship of the true Christ was corrupted into worship of the Antichrist.

Shri Surya Bhagvan bazaar art, c.1940's.jpgMoving east by a short trip by sea to the Indian subcontinent, we find Surya is an ancient Hindu god of the sun, light, day and wisdom. Further east still by a long and arduous overland trip to Tibet, China and Japan we find a deva, or son of a god, named Marici in Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, that goes by other names in the multitude of Eastern religions and sects. The origins of Marici are obscure; however, appear to be an amalgamation of 220px-marishiten_mariciIndian and Iranian antecedents spanning 1500 years. There is an interesting Indo-European link with the wild boar which is also part of the Celtic Belenus’ entourage.

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the 64a301e9006bf9d625d5b4b4e7ec96d9Americas, which is not so far away as the inaccurate global map depicts, Huitzilopochtli is the sun god and deity of war
and human sacrifice for the Aztecs, and Inti is the name of the same god for the Incas. The most common origins story of Inti says that he is the son of Viracocha, the god of civilization. Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru still pe5eehonor the sun god Inti in their state insignias.

Nailing down the identification of Babylonian Marduk in Western Civilization:

[Zeus] was respected as an allfather who was chief of the gods and assigned roles to the others: “Even the gods who are not his natural children address him as Father, and all the gods rise in his presence.” He was equated with many foreign weather gods, permitting Pausanias to observe “That Zeus is king in heaven is a saying common to all men”. Zeus’ symbols…also derives certain iconographic traits from the cultures of the ancient Near East.

Roots of Zeus

The names of many Greek gods are based in the archaic Greek language, but Zeus’ is actually the exception. He’s one of the only Greek deities whose name can actually be traced back beyond the Greek language itself, all the way to Proto-Indo-European origins…

The Indo-European language family is the largest in the world today, with members ranging from Spanish to Russian to Punjabi to Persian to Greek and, of course, to English. Yes, all of those languages (and about 450 others) are related, and their common ancestry is a lost language of the Stone Age called Proto-Indo-European.


In the Proto-Indo-European language, dyeus…literally meant ”to shine”, a verb used to describe the action of the Sun…”Zeus” is…Latinized as dyeus (or sometimes the spelling variations of dieus or deiuo)…the root word from which the Latin deus was derived, translated through Germanic cultures into the word ”God”…

Dyeus (with a capital D) was a deity of the Proto-Indo-European people…a direct personification of the bright and clear daytime sky… In fact, in this sense, Dyeus may most directly be translated as ”Sky Father”.

Exactly Utu / Marduk.

Apollo is the one of the gods in the last generation of fully hyper dimensional gods descended from those created by YHVH:

  • Ea / Cronus / Lucifer begat
    • Marduk / Zeus / Satan  begat
      • Apollo / Antichrist

Apollo is the Olympian god of the sun and light, music and poetry, healing and plagues, prophecy and knowledge, order and beauty, archery and agriculture. An embodiment of the Hellenic ideal of kalokagathia, he is harmony, reason and moderation personified, a perfect blend of physical superiority and moral virtue. A complex deity who turns up in art and literature possibly as often as Zeus himself, Apollo is the only major god who appears with the same name in both Greek and Roman mythology.

The most beautiful and renowned of all the statues of Apollo now in existence…was found in 1503 among the ruins of ancient Antium. It was purchased by Pope Julius II., who removed it to the Belvedere of the Vatican…The attitude of the figure, which is more than seven feet high, is inimitable in its freedom, grace, and majesty. The forehead is noble and intellectual, and the whole countenance so exquisite in its beauty, that one pauses spell-bound to gaze on so perfect a conception. The god has a very youthful appearance, as is usual in all his representations, and with the exception of a short mantle which falls from his shoulders, is unclothed. He stands against the trunk of a tree, up which a serpent is creeping, and his left arm is outstretched

Compare to:

“to whom is the arm [extension, executor of the will of the higher authority] of the LORD revealed? For he [the arm] shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.” (Isaiah 53:1-2)

Apollo was no longer present and accounted for in person after the Flood. This is because he was imprisoned along with many other gods / fallen angels for procreating hybrid monstrous tyrants with human women in the years leading up to and causing the Flood.

“For Christ…being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit: By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison; Which sometime were disobedient…in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing…Who is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand of God; angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto him.(I Peter 3:18-22)

“the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.” (Jude 6)

With the imposter imprisoned, the worship of Apollo lagged.

The Adversary countered by importing Mithraism where it flourished in Rome in the 2nd through 4th centuries AD as the chief rival to Christianity.

Before ancient religious reformer Zarathustra(Greek name Zoroaster) gained influence in the region during the 6th century BCE, the Iranians had a polytheistic religion, and Mithra was the most important of their gods. First of all, he was the god of contract and mutual obligation. In a cuneiform tablet of the 15th century BCE that contains a treaty between the Hittites and the Mitanni, Mithra is invoked as the god of oath.

And we all know who that is, right?  The cultural incarnation of Marduk, Sun god of Heaven, the foremost oath god in interstate covenants as well as the god of law and truth, identified on the royal seals by the winged solar disc.


  • the great dragon
  • that old serpent
  • called the Devil
  • and Satan
  • which deceiveth the whole world
  • the accuser which accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. (Revelation 12:9-12)

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your Adversary The Devil , as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.” (I Peter 5:8-9)

Mithraism was a secretive mystery religion so much is unknown, but it involved a communal meal and initiation through seven stages of an astrologically-themed hierarchy. Mithraism’s sudden emergence in the Roman world at that particular time has not been explained by historians, but I’m impressed with what the Encyclopaedia Britannica has to say.

“The most plausible hypothesis seems to be that Roman Mithraism was practically a new creation,[Mari-Utu] wrought by a religious genius.

Mithraism dates back over 4,000 years and is likely much older. It is one of the most ancient religions predating most all of the other living religions on Earth…When Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire in about 330 BC…the worship of Mithra…never became popular in the Greek world…the Greeks never forgot that Mithra had been the god / supporter of their enemies the Persians…

Mithra appears suddenly in Roman archaeology in the last quarter of the 1st century AD…at the time of [the concurrent spread of acceptance] of Jesus. Mithraism was essentially a soldier’s religion: Mithra, its hero, was a divinity of fidelity, manliness, and bravery; the stress it laid on good fellowship and brotherliness, its exclusion of women…this deity was honored as the patron of loyalty to the emperor.

In a Roman context, Mithras was…the savior of initiates of his cult…

By the Roman legionnaires, Mithra—or Mithras, as he began to be known in the Greco-Roman world—was called “the divine Sun, the Unconquered Sun.” He was said to be “Mighty in strength, mighty ruler, and greatest king of gods! O Sun, lord of heaven and earth, God of Gods!” Mithra was also deemed “the mediator” between heaven and earth,

The Emperor Constantine, also known as Constantine the Great, made the practice of Christianity legal in Rome, but continued to have his coins inscribed with the words, “Sol Invicto Comiti”, which means Committed to the Invincible Sun.

The birthday of the unconquered sun was celebrated at the Roman festival of Dies Natalis Solis Invicti on December 25, and it is often theorized that Constantine had a hand in selecting this day as the celebration date of the birth of Christ as well…

Seemingly, Constantine…viewed Sol Invictus as very similar to the Christian god. His adoption of Christianity in the Roman Empire was more likely a matter of political strategy than religious conviction.

After the acceptance of Christianity by the emperor Constantine in the early 4th century, Mithraism rapidly declined.

I put it to you that this militaristic religion did not in fact decline.

While the liturgies of all the religions of classic antiquity have almost totally disappeared – in marked contrast to the Bible it should be noted – the ancient Mithraic Liturgy survived into Christian times and provides an unimpeachable explanation for the process of merging the spirit of a god with a human.

The Mysteries of Mithra…were translated into Greek during the Alexandrian epochA scrupulous respect for the traditional practices of their sect characterized the Magi of Asia Minor, and continued…among their Latin successors. On the downfall of paganism, the latter still took pride in worshipping the gods according to the ancient Persian rites which Zoroaster was said to have instituted. These rites sharply distinguished their religion from all the others that were practised at the same time in Rome, and prevented its Persian origin from ever being forgotten.

In the Mazdean service, the celebrant consecrated the bread and the water which he mingled with the intoxicating juice of the Haoma prepared by him, and he consumed these foods during the performance of his sacrifice…for the Haoma, a plant unknown in the Occident / West, was substituted the juice of the vine. A loaf of bread and a goblet of water were placed before the mystic, over which the priest pronounced the sacred formula.

A curious bas-relief recently published shows us the spectacle of this sacred repast. Before two persons stretched upon a couch covered with pillows is placed a tripod bearing four tiny loaves of bread, each marked with a cross. Around them are grouped the initiates of the different orders, and one of them, the Persian, presents to the two a drinking-horn; whilst a second vessel is held in the hands of one of the Participants. These love feasts are evidently the ritual commemoration of the banquet which Mithra celebrated with the Sun before his ascension. From this mystical banquet, and especially from the imbibing of the sacred wine, supernatural effects were expected. The intoxicating liquor gave not only vigor of body and material prosperity, but wisdom of mind; it communicated to the neophyte the power to combat the malignant spirits, and what is more, conferred upon him as upon his god a glorious immortality.

As this study proceeds we will discover that Rome’s state religion is simply a cover, shall we say a shroud, for Rome’s militaristic, secretive, and preferentially, if no longer exclusively male, Mithraism.

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