130) A New Heaven And A New Earth Rev 21

Cycles of time?

Every lake of fire a sun for another earth?

There is certainly a rebalancing of energy in the universe as:

  • those who drew life from humans during their lifetimes
  • now return life to the new generations of humans.

Are rulers who have transformed into the image and likeness of YHVH given their own little piece of heaven and earth with a starter populating to fill an infinite ever-expanding universe with life?

I don’t have enough data to conclude. However, the clues are tantalizing.

Relatively speaking, there are a lot of stars. Around 100 sextillion—1 followed by 23 zeros—to be precise. But…models of star formation predict that there should actually be two or three times as many…

In a paper published in Nature, researchers write that they have identified an effect that takes place in some “starburst galaxies,” which form stars at a much higher rate than typical galaxies such as our own, the Milky Way.

starburst galaxies…towards the edges of the galaxy…scatter the necessary ingredients for making stars.

I’m certain of one thing. Anyone who has transformed into the likeness of the Creator isn’t going to be sitting around in a mansion or on a cloud strumming a harp for eternity.

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